5 most dazzling outdoor amphitheaters for fans of music on Earth

Why don't you spare yourself a couple of hours enjoying some beautiful music after many days of hard working. It is actually no doubt a wonderful idea. The experience would be much memorable if the concert you plan to see is performed outdoor, in which the joy, the animation as well as the airy atmosphere come as no surprise. Beyond alluring music, the creatively designed venues is another reason makes the concert-going feelings inside you burn even brighter. Why not join one right now to totally soak yourself in these open-air amphitheaters, while surrounded by spectacular landscapes and top-notch acoustics?

Whether you are a music-lover or not, if you are on a search for a truly unforgettable concert experience, make sure to follow the list of top 5 dazzling outdoor amphitheaters all around the world below. They are particularlt for music fans. This post will be a good companion bringing you useful tips and close insights into your next live experience.

1. Dalhalla, Rattvik, Sweden

outdoor amphitheaters

Dalhalla, Rattvik, Sweden

The very first outdoor music venue to let your imagination and your soul fly with the melody named Dalhalla, Rattvik, which is a famous spot for not only Swedish music-lovers but also travelers from various world corners. Favorably set in a prior limestone quarry and colored with green by the surrounding forest, this amphitheater is the number one suggestion to enjoy music, especially during Sweden’s summery season. A good feeling of something acoustic comes from the vertically high rock walls, which draws a sheer number of curiosity and attentions from visitors. There are 20 or nearly 30 events held annually in this atmospheric venues and you will never want to miss out a single one.

In addition, you may get interested in knowing that the name theater’s Dalhalla is addressed in honor of a Viking mythology’s hall, the Valhalla.

2. Slane Castle, Meath, Ireland

outdoor amphitheaters

Slane Castle

Just forty miles to the north of Dublin is the imposing Slane Castle overlooking the River Boyne, which ranks top in the list of stunning music venues on earth and has long been hosting some of the given insudtry’s biggest names. The celebrated U2 music band actually stayed in this castle during the time they recorded the album Unforgetable Fire.

Right below the castle is where the attractive music is performed. Whether they are U2, the Rolling Stones, or even Madonna, they are all instructively noted that none of them has managed to overshadow the venue yet.

3. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, USA

outdoor amphitheaters

_ Red Rocks Amphitheatre_

The third outdoor amphitheater that you must pay a visit to is the USA’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, a natural music venue. It has proved how wonderful the Mother Nature is. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is uniquely carved into the Rocky Mountains’ sandstone foothills and perfectly surrounded by world famous monolithic formations, notably the Creation Rock and the Ship Rock.

Two 300-foot sandstone rocks sandwich the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, giving the stage a very attractive “appearance”. Red Rocks Amphitheatre can take pride itself in having successfully hosted the Jimi Hendrix, the Dave Matthews Band and U2. You really should spare some time to get there not only to listen to music but also discover more about the unique design of this amphitheatre.

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4. Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Borneo

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One performance at Sarawak Cultural Village

Once standing at the Sarawak Cultural Village, you will definitely be reduced to excitement. Go further into the Borneo rainforest, where gives you and your friends a chance to learn more about the culture and life of Borneo’s local tribes, which has long been showcased and preserved in a perfect way. Sarawak Cultural Village, additionally, is where the Rainforest World Music Festival takes place every year, a three-day event that magnets a huge number of 24,000 people coming.

Along with having an ample opportunity to listen and have a close sight at some of the biggest names in international music scale, concert-goers will firsthand experience local life and learn more about music, dances, and customs as well from different tribes. Furthermore, a short visit to the traditional long houses lying at the foot of Mount Santubong will fulfil your day trip.

5. Sultan’s Pool, Jerusalem, Israel

outdoor amphitheaters

Colorful Sultan's Pool

The last but not the least outdoor amphitheater that is all worth your time is Sultan’s Pool, a stunning music place in Jerusalem, Israel. Here, you are given a ticket to travel back in time, to the old 16th century with a completely amazing experience. After being repurposed, Sultan’s Pool now serves both as an ancient pool and a captivating amphitheater.

Lie in the Hinnom Valley, below the Jerusalem’s Old City walls, the Sultan’s Pool offers a capacity of more than 6,000 seats. Here brings guests with an epic backdrop for all talented musicians from all around the world coming here to perform.

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You have read through top 5 spectacular open-air amphitheaters in the world. Now that you have gained essential information about those places, so why not buy you and your friend's tickets and let’s fly your soul with melody.

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