5 most beautiful and wonderful destinations to set feet in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America with a great reputation for natural scenery and historical remains. They not only reflect the past of the city but also draw attention of tourists for impressive architecture. If you have chance to visit this city, do not forget to check in at these 5 most beautiful destinations.


Tikal is truly the place where you can admire incredibly historical traits. Located in Petén, this city dated back to the Mayan civilization from the 6th century BC to 10th century AD. You can have the chance to harmonize with the nature of diverse landscapes.


Charming beauty of ancient remains in Tikal

Among the lush greenery, it is possible to find lots of architectural works, including palaces, monuments, temples, ceremonial platforms, courts and residences. You should definitely take a stroll around the area to admire the stones carvings, paintings and unique decorations. Most of them are symbols of the city history and the close relations of Petén with neighborhood regions. Besides, this area used to be the place that Petén people practiced their agriculture. You can learn a lot about the traditional farming methods by talking with some friendly inhabitants.

Any adventure lover can satisfy their needs by exploring hundreds of animals in the jungle. They are endangered species such as monkeys, birds, and snakes.

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Semuc Champey Lake

A romance lover should not miss this heaven to make the most of your holiday. In the language of local people, it means “magical water” which has the power to take your breath away at first sight. The small waterfalls nestle at the foot of cliffs and hilly mountains.

It is easy to see the blue crystal water and lush greenery reflected on the surface. Below the bridge, tourists can admire the meandering Cahabon river. The scenery is the perfect combination of awe-inspiring tough hills and gentle water. These two contradictory features blend in with each other so harmoniously that you can be at a loss of words at first sight.


You will be impressed by the picturesque scenery of Semuc Champey

Apart from sightseeing, it’s advisable to take part in many interesting activities. You can spend your day swimming and sailing along the river to admire the splendid view. If lucky, you will see the changing water in different seasons and different degree of sunshine.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala used to be a colony city which is situated in Sacatepequez. You would find it very interesting to listen to the history of this city. The Spanish formed it in 1543 and kept until 1776 when Spanish king moved to a safer area. However, there were till many people choosing to stay in Antigua so that the city has continued to flourish.


Indulge in the peaceful lifestyles of Antigua

You can see a lot of architectural remains of past inhabitants in a variety of buildings such as prisons, universities, stores and old churches. They are the lively manifestation of glorious history and tradition of Guatemala. Interestingly, all the buildings have retained their original beauty without being influenced by rapid development.

One of the highlight in Antigua that you definitely should have a try is Santa Calina arch, the most famous church in this destination. The moment the sunset covers the city with faint rays of light is sure to take your breath away. This is where architecture, decoration and natural surrounding are truly unbeatable Guatemala, Central America.

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Pacaya Volcano

Like any tourist attractions in the world, Guatemala is famous for its diversity of landscapes. Have you ever thought of how a journey to see a volcano would be like? If the answer is yes, you should certainly visit Pacaya volcano in proximity to the city center. In the past, many local inhabitants had to move to other places because of Pacaya’s strong explosive power. Luckily, it stopped exploding so that you are able to make a trip to this hot spot.


Join the hiking trip to the peak of Pacaya volcano

The Pacaya volcano park is an ideal place to enjoy its splendid beauty. It is enjoyable to follow the roads past the inactive areas. When you reach the peak, just take a deep breath and see what unfolds in front of you. It is possible to admire other nearby volcanoes and stunning nature. Greenish trees, remote colorful houses and some small creatures exist so extraordinary and sure to leave you abiding impression.

Atilan Lake

You would find it surprising that this lake is surrounded by 12 towns and 3 volcanoes including San Pedro, Atilan and Tolima. This has long been making a name for famous archaeological traits such as Sambaj city and Chiutinamit.

Dating back to thousand years ago, the lake owes its origin to the strongly eruptive volcano. Gradually, water filled the surface and it became one of the deepest lake in Central America.


This awe-inspiring view of Atilan Lake will take your breath away

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So you may ask what this interesting place has to offer. Tourists often make a trip to Panajachel town with hundreds of entertainment activities. It will be an enjoyable experience to walk along the main road, Santander and drop by souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants. In the evening, you can take part in the dynamic and fascinating events to rock you holiday. There are many surprises awaiting you in this center of trade and tourism in Guatemala.

When you are living with your untamed heart and irresistible curiosity to explore new things in remote areas, you are living to your utmost. A trip to Guatemala is sure to contribute to your stunning travelling dairy. It cannot be fulfilled without setting feet on these 5 most beautiful destinations.

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