20 Of The North America's Most Romantic Destinations (Part 2)

Welcome back, guys! Continue discovering our second part of 20 most romantic destinations in North America and find out your most favorite place right now!

10. Nashville, Tennessee

Romantic Destinations

Nashville is known as the Music City in the US

For the first time in Nashville, you might be saturated in music and whiskey so that you can’t tear yourself away. Not only is it nicknamed as the Music City in the US but also the country-music capital of the world. Furthermore, it is home to magnificent classical and neoclassical architecture that is also known as “the Athens of the South” for lots of higher-education institutions.

9 Honolulu, Hawaii

Romantic Destinations

Get a stunning view of Honolulu

What could you find when taking a trip to Honolulu, one of the 20 most romantic destinations in North America? Believe or not, it has everything from historical monuments and landmarks to high-end shopping malls and a lively hub for culture, entertainment, arts, live music, and nightlife. And the best time to get there is between September and November when the price is not high, and the temperature is pleasant. Or in case you don’t mind humidity, the duration of May to August is ideal.

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8. Dallas, Texas

Romantic Destinations

Dallas in a nice day

A journey to Dallas can give you lots of chances to discover, see and know this city. If you’re a fan of sports, don’t miss joining the crowds at a high-tech AT&T football stadium to cheer your favorite team. Or if you’re interested in learning about Spanish artwork, the Meadow Museum of Art is the perfect choice. Or in case you want to relish the great outdoors, just head to Botanical Garden or the Dallas Arboretum in order to contemplate the cherry blossoms or visit White Rock Lake to go fishing.

7. Orlando, Florida

Romantic Destinations

Remember to visit Disney World when heading to Orlando

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and theme parks, Orlando in Florida will satisfy you for sure. This romantic destination is well-known for major and interesting parks such as Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studio. Since Orlando has year-round sunshine, you can come there anytime you like. However, remember to avoid the busiest times, including long holiday weekends, from late May to Labor Day, late March to April, and winter holidays.

6. Los Angeles, California

Romantic Destinations

Los Angeles, the City of Angels

Most people come to Los Angeles (also called the City of Angels) to experience the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, the nonstop and vibrant nightlife of the Sunset Strip, and world-class art museums like the Getty. Besides, whiling away the time at huge shopping malls or enjoying international cuisine are quite interesting. Since Los Angeles is ideal all the year-round, it will be your excellent getaway for sinking in the southern California sunshine.

5. Toronto, Ontario

Romantic Destinations

Toronto is among the North America's most romantic destinations

When strolling along the streets in this “City of Neighborhoods” in North America, you can hear more than 140 languages as well as dialects as it is known as one of the most culturally distinct cities in the world. There are some popular places to set feet on such as Chinatowns, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Greek Towns, Koreatown, and so on.

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4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Romantic Destinations

Las Vegas looks lively and colorful by night

Although Las Vegas is also known as the Sin City, it entices lots of people who are looking for North America’s most romantic destinations. You want nonstop parties or wild adventures, all are here. With ornate and glitzy images, Las Vegas knows how to allure you to the world’s best playground, all night entertainment and jolliness, high-end shopping malls, and superlative dining choices. You can come there anytime, but avoid July because it’s the hottest month with an average temperature of 41 degree Celsius.

3. Miami, Florida

Romantic Destinations

Miami is described as one of the sultriest and sexiest cities in the US

Miami is described as one of the sultriest and sexiest cities not only in the US but also in North America. It’s not hard to find out plenty of exceptionally brilliant people, colorful and sweet nights, and fantastic beauty. Besides, thanks to the warm tropical weather and the pleasant atmosphere of South Beach, this place has quickly become American’s favorite escape.

2. New York, New York

Romantic Destinations

New York by night

"Gotham", "The City That Never Sleeps", or "The Big Apple", do you know all are names of New York? This US’s cultural and financial capital always holds a huge romantic charm for any visitors. You can turn back the past by only contemplating tenements of the Lower East Side and tangled lanes of Wall Street. But, if you keep your eyes on towering skyscrapers and crowded streets, you will discover a modern and vibrant city.

1. San Francisco, California

Romantic Destinations

The peaceful beauty in there won't let you down

San Francisco attracts tourists around the world by its natural beauty with a multitude of hills and breathtaking bay that can make you want to come back. If you want to avoid the crowd on streets and enjoy the quietness, you should travel between September and October. Or in case you’re a fan of festivals, July and August will be the best choices.

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So, after reading two parts of 20 of the North America’s most romantic destinations, can you make up your mind? Which city attracts you most, Honolulu, New York, or Orlando? Just choose one for your next vacation and go now!

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