20 Of The North America's Most Romantic Destinations (Part 1)

When making mention of the most romantic destinations, people often think about Europe with ancient churches, stunning castles, and a range of other beautiful attractions. However, do you know there are 20 places in North America that can make you fall in love at first sight? Get a glimpse of the list below and then pick up one for your upcoming vacation!

20. Salt Lake, Utah

Romantic Destinations

Admire the pristine scenery at the beautiful lake

Stretching to the south shore of the Great Salt Lake and sitting at the base of the rugged mountain of Wasatch, Salt Lake City is known as a small city at the center of a metropolitan region with over a million people. Although fewer than half of city’s citizens are members of Mormon, this place is famous for the heart of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Additionally, Salt Lake is quite ideal for outdoor relaxation thanks to the more moderate temperatures than other places in America.

19. Vancouver, British Columbia

Romantic Destinations

The charm of Vancouver

Among 20 of the North America’s most romantic destinations, the city of Vancouver is a busy urban center and broadly known as Canada’s cultural and culinary capital. Try coming there and then you will be enamored of its impressive architecture, futuristic skyscrapers, a great culture, a rich wildlife, a lively nightlife, a huge combination of accommodations, long rivers, and a picturesque beauty.

Besides, tasting some of the world’s most delicious dishes is a great experience. The best time to visit Vancouver is in the summer because the weather is perfect, and the days are long enough to explore every corner in there.

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18. Santa Barbara, California

Romantic Destinations

Santa Barbara is beautifully covered by the Santa Ynez Mountains’ foothills

You can recognize the Riviera when heading to Santa Barbara because this central coast city is covered by the Santa Ynez Mountains’ foothills and lies on a captivating stretch of coastline. What’s more, its climate is similar to Mediterranean area that makes you feel Europe in the air. Interestingly, you can find out lots of excellent wineries, luxurious shopping malls, highly-rated restaurants or sink into a mild climate and lush natural environment.

17. Washington, D.C

Romantic Destinations

Contemplate Washington's beauty by night

This destination has plenty of neoclassical government buildings, imposing monuments and memorials, and huge avenues. Additionally, there are many exciting activities that are suitable for every travel taste.

16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Romantic Destinations

Philadelphia, one of the North America's most romantic destinations

Founded and nurtured by two famous persons including William Penn and Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia is renowned for its lively waterfronts, splendid heritages, world-class music, architecture and art, superior restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. No matter who you are: history buffs, crazy sports fans, or keen art lovers, there are tons of things to enjoy and discover. Also, you can taste a large range of delicious food from huge popular markets to restaurants.

15. Chicago, Illinois

Romantic Destinations

Get a whole view of Chicago in Illinois

Chicago is a famous city for culture, history, and design. Every corner of this romantic destination like beautiful scenes of Lake Michigan or state-of-art architecture might imprint on your mind forever. Moreover, there is a myriad of interesting activities to enjoy such as visiting popular institutions, going shopping, cheering with baseball fans in a stadium, seeing a comedy show, etc. So, if you’re looking for the best time to visit, spring or fall will be ideal because the weather is pleasant, and the city is full of engaging festivals and events.

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14. Seattle, Washington

Romantic Destinations

Seattle is described as The Emerald City in North America

Thanks to evergreen trees throughout the city together with marvelous scenes of the Olympic Mount to the west and the Cascade Mount to the east, Seattle is described as The Emerald City in North America. Especially, it is home to many famous business centers such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, T-Mobile, Amazon, Boeing’s aircraft, and Space Needle.

13. San Diego, California

Romantic Destinations

Go hand in hand with your beloved one around San Diego

With a year-round pleasant temperature, beautiful beaches with warm sunshine, gourmet restaurants, and popular local bistros, San Diego is known as a perfect destination for any kind of vacationers. Coming there, you shouldn't miss visiting the famous San Diego Zoo, LEGOLAND, and the New Children’s Museum. In addition, catching a wave at Mission Beach, taking a stroll along Coronado and soaking up the sun at La Jolla are wonderful things to enjoy your holiday in San Diego.

12. Austin, Texas

Romantic Destinations

Austin looks breathtaking by night

Austin is a hub for film-making, comedy, and music as well as a popular foodie destination in Texas. Besides, it is home to a significant university (University of Texas) and some influential center for technology and politics.

Interestingly, you can see a popular slogan: “Keep Austin Weird” on most of T-shirts and bumper stickers when strolling around the city. What’s more, big festivals in spring and early fall can make your trip unforgettable. That’s why Austin is famous for a nickname of the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

11. Montreal, Quebec

Romantic Destinations

A peaceful corner of Montreal in Quebec

Montreal is described as a fairy-tale destination, particularly in winter. It’s one of the few areas where you can ice skate, ride snowmobiles, cross-country ski, go ice fishing, and snowshoe with ease. Interestingly, you can be able to sit with your beloved one in front of the fire in a warm house after having a cold day outside.

So, if you want to continue the remains of the North America’s most romantic destinations, let’s jump to our second part right now. Remember to read all and then choose one that you love most!

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