15 of interesting activities in Canada you can't afford to miss

Canada, the country of maple leaves is a favorite destination for tourists. On average, over 17 million people visit it per year and this number never stops rising because of these very interesting activities in the country.

- Going for a walk in the seawall, Vancouver

interesting activities in Canada

The unique beauty of Vancouver seawall

This stone seawall is really an ideal attraction for those love walking, running, skating, cycling and breathing the very fresh air along the path. After finishing those activities, don't forget to stop over in some nice coffee shops and restaurants.

- Enjoying the view of Toronto city from CN Tower

interesting activities in Canada

The panoramic view of Toronto from CN Tower

Travelers have a chance to be sent to the top of the tower in just 58 seconds by the glass-paneled elevator. From that position, tourists can get the panoramic view of the whole city and even further on clear days.

- Trying good food in St. Lawrence Market

interesting activities in Canada

St. Lawrence Market, the ideal place for food lovers

The historic St. Lawrence Market in Canada was created in 1803 and rapidly became a must-see place in Toronto. It serves a diverse number of mouth-watering cuisines from different countries. The best kinds of food to try here are sandwiches, pierogi, oysters, cheese-stuffed hot peppers, etc. Furthermore, sellers also provide an array of raw and seasonal ingredients.

- Taking part in Toronto International Film Festival

interesting activities in Canada

Toronto International Film Festival is the biggest event in Canada

Founded in 1976, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) now attracts million people annually including both stars and audiences. Specially, TIFF Bell Lightbox offers new releases, lectures, discussions, workshops and so on to boost the development of the film-making industry.

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- Gliding along the frozen Rideau Canal, Ottawa

interesting activities in Canada

Rideau Canal is a wonderful place for fans of ice skating

One of the most interesting activities you cannot miss in Canada is to glide along Rideau Canal in Ottawa. From January to early March each year, the site welcomes around 19,000 visitors. And do not worry about coldness as hot food such as soup, chocolate, especially Beaver Tails pastry made from cinnamon and sugar will immediately warm you up!

- Attending the free yoga class on Parliament Hill, Ottawa

interesting activities in Canada

Toronto's free public yoga class

Besides visiting the 158-year-old Parliament building for free, hundreds of Ottawa residents and tourists bring yoga mats to take part in the free public yoga class in the lawn in front of the Parliament Hill.

- Don't miss Montreal International Jazz Festival

interesting activities in Canada

The lively atmosphere of a Montreal International Jazz Festival's concert

This is not only the famous festival all over Canada but also the largest jazz fest in the world, welcomes around 2,5 million visitors with 1,000 concerts of 3,000 artists from different countries. Specially, most of them are free.

- Spending a night at the only ice hotel in North America

interesting activities in Canada

Hotel de Glace, the coldest hotel in the world

Hotel de Glace made of snow and blocks of ice is open to the public between January and March every year. This is not only a place for adventurous travelers but also a great work of art whose theme is changed once per year.

- Taking a Vancouver seaplane tour

interesting activities in Canada

Getting the whole view of Vancouver from above is unforgettable

Taking a seaplane tour is the best and unique way to contemplate the breathtaking beauty of Vancouver. During the luxurious tour around the city, especially grandiose Mount Mamquam, tourists have three delicious meals which seem like heaven.

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- Ghost hunting in Ottawa

interesting activities in Canada

A creepy spot in Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada has long been known for terrifying stories related to ghosts. In old ancient buildings such as Bytown museum or Laurier castle, people bump into flying objects in the air, vague figures gliding on the ground, lights reflecting off surfaces outside or inside a room or wind blowing in improperly.

- Watching performances in Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver

interesting activities in Canada

Commodore Ballroom - old but dateless

Built in the late 1920s, Commodore Ballroom is a music venue, dance floor and night club. Though there are 990 seats, it is always filled up with visitors who are interested in special performances.

- Contemplating the amazing solar system

interesting activities in Canada

Science and emotion meet at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Since its opening in 2013, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium is a landmark of Montreal where science and emotion meet. It was created to make human beings’ dream of becoming astronauts come true with a narrator which describes the whole impressive Universe. Besides offering astronomical information, this place inspires works of artists and poets on the life outside the Earth.

- Playing Frisbee golf on the Toronto Islands

interesting activities in Canada

Frisbee golf, an unfamiliar but interesting game

As the biggest, safest and most multi-culturally diverse city in Canada, Toronto has a lot of places to see and things to do. One of the most interesting activities that travelers must try here is playing Frisbee golf with local people on Toronto islands. Though this kind of sports is quite difficult at first, you will soon enjoy it.

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- Exploring human history in the Royal British Columbia Museum

interesting activities in Canada

It must be a huge mistake not to visit the famous museum in Canada

Besides displaying 7 million objects, the museum also hosts various exhibitions. Inside the museum, there is an IMAX Victoria theater showing educational films and commercial entertainment.

- Observing polar bears in Churchill

interesting activities in Canada

Churchill, the capital of polar bears

This land in Canada is said to be the capital of polar bears where they gather to play in front of tourists’ eyes. People have the chance to witness life of this big animal in the Kingdom of white snow and ice.

With spectacular natural and modern views and so many interesting activities, Canada’s tourism is considered very diverse and attractive. A great number of travelers have visited this country and they are not disappointed, so try to come and explore more now!

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