15 Must-Try Things To Do In Cuba

Cuba is an independent republic in the Caribbean Sea where comprises two main islands and more than 1,000 ones. Furthermore, this destination gives many amazing places and tons of must-try things to do. If you are excited and curious to discover Cuba for your next holiday, let’s detect some cool information first of all.

1. Enjoy delicious street foods


Remember to try street foods when coming to Cuba

If you want to feast your stomach with typical Cuban’s food, the best way is to take a stroll along streets. The locals often sell from windows, porches, driveways, front gardens, etc. Walk around and try pan con pasta (bread with a garlic mayonnaise filling), tamales (a typical Mexican dish), corn fritters, pizza, coconut pies, pork hamburgers, fruit milkshakes, etc.

2. Stay up at night on The Malecón


The Malecón looks stunning at night

With 8km-long sea drive, The Malecón is known as one of the most moving and typical Cuban cities. Moreover, it’s a great meeting place for varied lovers, poets, wistful Florida-gazers, philosophers, traveling minstrels, etc. Relying on that, you can relish the city’s liveliness daylong. What could be more wonderful than hanging out with chilled beer and listen to an excellent mashup of energetic beats and breaking waves!

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3. Take a look at stunning architecture in Vedado


A museum in Vedado

Located to the west of Central Havana, Vedado is home to early 20-century villas that were once marvelous family mansions. Or you can set your feet in Habana Vieja in downtown in order to marvel many surprising colonial-era buildings. Additionally, other areas are full of brutalist 60s and 70s structures that are appealing in their own right.

4. Walk about in Plaza Vieja


Take a stroll at Plaza Vieja

Plaza Vieja (also called Old Square) is a place where Cuban baroque lies next to Gaudi-inspired art. You can discover lots of attractions than most of the others in Cuba, including a planetarium, a playing card museum, a beer museum, an observation attraction, and so on. Nestling yourself in a café and sipping slightly smaller mojitos or a high beer tower are excellent choices for a cool afternoon in Havana.

5. Enjoy music everywhere


Music is everywhere in Cuba

The Cuban is always proud of their rank to the democratization of music together with Brazil and the United States. The Association of Cuban Writers and Artists or La Zorra y El Cuervo are two popular clubs that you should come and savor some Grammy winners on the saxophone. With many different styles of music, it’s not hard to get your favorite one in these places. Just ask the locals where you can find this style and go.

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6. Check in at Baracoa


Baracoa is a beautiful island of Guantanamo province

Positioned on the opposite side of Havana, Baracoa is an island of Guantanamo province where Columbus first arrived in Cuba. There are various ways to get there, but taking the bus from Havana on alternate days is quite simple and convenient. Once visiting Baracoa, remember to try a cup of hot cacao or chocolate right away or set feet in El Yunque to marvel its beauty across Baracoa Bay.

7. Chase the sunset at El Morro


View the loveliest sunset at El Morro

Lots of travelers affirm that the best place for viewing beautiful Atlantic sunset in Cuba is El Morro. It’s a 16th-century fortress and also a prison in the past. Aside from seeing the sunset, you can enjoy a ceremonial cannon from this place every night at 9 pm.

8. Learn to salsa


Try dancing with the locals

It can be said that salsa is one of the must-try things to do that you should try when arriving at Cuba. You can see many Cubans who are good at dancing as walking. So, don’t mind to register a crash course at the outdoor club 1830 to learn how to salsa as well as joining an interesting talk with a local.

9. Jump in the beach at Varadero


Varadero is one of the most attractive beaches in Cuba

Varadero is known as the most famous resort town in Cuba thanks to its 4,828 km of coastline. There are various choices for a romantic date at a bustling place or an adventure to the island’s less-frequented ones.

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10. Visit Trinidad


A peaceful corner of Trinidad

A short or long day to Trinidad, the best-preserved colonial town in Cuba, will be complete your trip in the Caribbean Sea’s beautiful country. Like other colonial towns in the world, it looks gorgeous with long cobblestone streets and vividly colored buildings. That’s why the old part of Trinidad was recognized as a UNESCO heritage site in 1988.

11. Climb to Pico Turquino


View the amazing panorama from Pico Turquino

In order to view the beautiful panorama from the air, let’s challenge yourself to the highest point (1,974 m) on the island of Cuba. Pico Turquino offers a very challenging trek for adventurers who love climbing.

12. Relish a dance show at Teatro Nacional


Take a look at Teatro Nacional

Whether or not your trip lines up with Havana’s annual ballet festival, don't miss a dance show at Teatro Nacional since you can see many talented performers. Thus, this show is an ideal choice for your first time in Cuba.

13. See a baseball game at Estadio Latinoamericano


Come to Estadio Latinoamericano if you're a fan of baseball game

You are a fan of baseball game, aren’t you? Let’s join the lively atmosphere of the Cubans at Estadio Lationoamericano. This stadium is bigger than most MLB ones in the U.S. So, be quick to choose a day, come there with a strong Cuban coffee and shout for joy.

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14. Come to Ernest Hemingway’s house


Inside Ernest Hemingway’s house

No one knows Ernest Hemingway, who was a famous novelist, short-story writer, and journalist. From 1939 to 1960, he lived in Finca Vigía and wrote: “For Whom The Bell Tolls.” And today, this house has become a museum where you can visit during time in Cuba.

15. Have dinner at La Guarida


Book a table at La Guarida to have a romantic dinner

La Guarida was in the movie Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate, 1994). If you are a fan of this film, you should not miss heading to this restaurant to enjoy tasty dishes with an affordable price. However, remember to make a reservation for sure.

With 15 must-try things to do in Cuba, which one attracts you most? Love eating street food or challenging yourself to the highest peak or enjoying dance shows at Teatro Nacional? No time for thinking too much, guys! Just plan and GO!

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