15 most famous and charming valleys in the world

15 most famous and charming valleys in the world

As natural masterpieces, valleys - stunning lowlands between hills or mountains entice visitors all over the world especially nature-loving ones. Let’s discover the irresistible beauty of 15 most magnificent and fabulous valleys in the world from the list below.

15. Yosemite Valley, the USA

Located in the USA’s Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley with the picturesque views, the various lodges and the easy-access location is definitely in top 15 famous and pretty valleys in the world. This valley is guarded by breathtaking granite cliffs, carpeted by a dense pine forest and is home to spectacular Yosemite Falls known as the continent’s highest waterfall.

valleys in the world

Yosemite Valley

14. Valley of The Ten Peaks, Canada

As its name suggesting, the Valley of The Ten Peaks is surrounded by 10 notable mountain summits. You will be enchanted as seeing the beyond-imagination reflection of these 10 peaks into the peaceful Moraine Lake’s luminous turquoise-hued water surface. Besides sightseeing, there will be an opportunity for other outdoors activities such as canoeing, hiking, and photography.

valleys in the world

Valley of The Ten Peaks with the beautiful lake surface

13. Barun Valley, Nepal

Barun Valley nestled in serene Makalu Barun National Park of the Himalayan Ranges is one of the most beautiful spots in Asia as well as in the world. It is well-known for charming gushing waterfalls, verdant green surroundings and the deepest canyons where you can find stunning flowers and rare species of animals and birds.

valleys in the world

Barun Valley in Nepal

12. Hunza Valley, Pakistan

A visit to the 7900-square-kilometer Hunza Valley situated northwest of the Hunza River will reveal why it stands in the top of the world. The valley has the major town Karimabad whose the world’s beautiful and elegant peaks like Hunza Peak, Rakaposhi, and Passu. Particularly, the Rakaposhi’s view in moon-light is worth-seeing. The Baltit Fort there for an awesome ancient touch can’t be missed, too.

valleys in the world

Hunza Valley beside Hunza Peak

11. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

Located in the village of the same name in Switzerland, the most stunning Lauterbrunnen gathers all reasons to be on the top list. The beauty of its large mountain peaks, colorful alpine meadows, gigantic rocky cliffs and 72 thundering waterfalls surely interests and inspires every tourist as well as famous poets visiting.

valleys in the world

Lauterbrunnen Valley in autumn

10. Simplon Valley, Italy

The Simplon is a valley of the Alps positioned between 2 ranges: Lepontine and Pennine. It is famous for the largest surrounding mountains that are up to 4,000 meters high such as Fletschhorn Weissmies and Lagginhorn. Because the valley is shared between Italy and Switzerland, when you are visiting, you may have the best view of 2 worlds.

valleys in the world

Simplon Valley, Italy

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9. Harau Valley, Indonesia

Compared to the valleys on this list, the Harau Valley in the startling country Indonesia is probably the least famous. However, thanks to this, the valley remains pristine, untouched, stunningly beautiful and owns a variety of wildlife. While in one direction, verdant paddy fields stretch as far as your eyes can reach, in another, craggy outcrops and 6 waterfalls attract the adventure-seekers.

valleys in the world

The verdant Harau Valley

8. The Valley of Geysers, Russia

Located on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, this world’s top beautiful valley owns the second largest geyser concentration all over the world. There are about 200 geysers occurring naturally there with hundreds of hot-water springs and dozens of smaller erupting vents.

valleys in the world

The Valley of Geysers, Russia

7. Kalalau Valley, the USA

Peaceful and undisturbed by the pollutions and noises, Kalalau Valley of a broad and relatively flat bottom, the Kalalau beach - one of the most beautiful beaches known to man and lush green surroundings is one of the most attractive valleys that you must visit. The only way to get there is by hiking the popular 11-mile Kalalau Trail or by kayak.

valleys in the world

Peaceful Kalalau Valley

6. Lotschental, Switzerland

Lotschental Valley surrounded by picturesque and inspiring mountains of 3000 meters high is not only one of the most charming valleys but also the biggest valley in Switzerland. It extends for approximately 30 kilometers and is open for tourists to discover its beauty as much as they like.

valleys in the world

Lotschental - the biggest valley in Switzerland

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5. Romsdal Valley, Norway

One of the world’s most stunning valleys situated in Norway is Romsdal. This impressive valley is home to beautiful Rauma River and the mighty mountains like Trollryggen, Romsdalshornet, Store Trolltind and Store Venjetinden.

valleys in the world

Romsdal Valley

4. Haa Valley, Bhutan

Haa valley rich in culture is one of the most tempting places in the world. This valley spreading in the area of more than 1,700 square kilometers is well-known for not only its natural panoramic scenery but also its animist tradition. Many visitors in the world head to the valley due to its attraction of shamanistic rituals, folk culture and legends.

valleys in the world

Haa Valley with its residents

3. Nubra Valley, India

This valley boasting an altitude of approximately 10,000 feet is situated 150 kilometers from the Leh town. It is, in fact, one of the world’s most visited valleys. Although Nubra is a cold desert of high altitude with rare precipitation and scant vegetation, the climate, as well as the fresh atmosphere of the valley, make you extreme pleasant.

valleys in the world

Nubra Valley

2. Valley of Kings, Egypt

Owning numerous pharaonic tombs, captivating myths and legends of ancient curses dating back to about millions of years ago, the Valley of Kings in Egypt - one of the world’s most ancient valleys is for all of the archaeological fans. It also gets a reputation of steep mountains, a rich source of fauna and flora and outdoors activities.

valleys in the world

Valley of Kings featuring ancient tombs

1. Kangaroo Valley, Australia

This most beautiful valley in Australia is also in the world’s top list. Admittedly, Kangaroo Valley is an ideal natural retreat for nature lovers. They come to take in wonderful views of the green pastures, the verdant rainforests, the abundance of flora and fauna and the brilliantly sparkling brooks.

valleys in the world

Spectacular landscape of Kangaroo Valley

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Undoubtedly, these top 15 beautiful valleys of the world above are natural wonders of scenic beauties well worth visiting. Choose them for your next trip so that you get the chance to live in harmony with nature and to learn amazing natural things.

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