12 lesser known but startling tourist destinations you should not disregard

12 lesser known but startling tourist destinations you should not disregard

Well, tourist spots are numerous and variable. Some of them might be famous all around the world; meanwhile, a large part of them seems to be unknown to travelers. Tired of visiting same destinations over and over again? Let’s head to several tourist attractions which are unfamiliar to most people. Although you might not even hear about these wonderful tourist spots, they are definitely worth spending a trip.

1. St. Petersburg, Russia

It is a federal city of Russia. With old and exquisite features, the imperial capital delivers mesmerizing buildings whose shapes regarding classic Russian architectural style. These constructions reflect the story of historical battles, political changes. For example, the Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood is one of the well-known sights of the local.

startling tourist destinations

Stunning places to explore in St. Petersburg

Moreover, St. Petersburg is a great combination of intriguing elements, from art, music, opera to history and ballet as well. You can travel to the city in the winter and have a clear look to icy canals possessing spectacular scenery.

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2. Budva, Montenegro

Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, the medieval town is an excellent spot to spend your holiday. The location has a long history of formation, which dated back to 5th century BC. It involved the development of Rome and its empires as well. Additionally, music lovers would love to take part in Sea Dance Festival, which is a well-known event in Budva occurring in each year.

startling tourist destinations

The small town is surrounded by the crystal blue ocean

The town is a calm and tranquil region during the day. You would love to spend your daytime visiting old castles, citadels with beautiful architectures. Captivating beaches will also good choices to spend your time. At night, the town is vibrant and lively with exciting parties. You can hang out with your friends to drink some beers and enjoy the music.

3. Rumbur Valley, Pakistan

startling tourist destinations

The lovely view of the region

Want to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of mountainous areas and have a look at the traditional lifestyle of ethnic minorities? Rumbur Valley located in Pakistan can deliver all of them to you. Being a deserted landscape, the valley owns pristine features that seem to be attractive to explorers. Aside from majestic mountains, you can also catch the sight of blue waters of the rivers enhancing the beauty of this rural site.

4. Taichung, Taiwan

startling tourist destinations

Many surprises waiting for you in Taichung

The intriguing factors of Taiwan are waiting for you in Taichung. In the busy modern life of the city, you can sometimes catch the images of historical and ancient architectural designs of temples or old train station. The destination is also famous with teahouses featuring traditional and appealing structure and amazing lists of drinks and foods. You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Fengjia Night Market, or go for a hike in Dakeng for refreshment. Interested in historical features, let’s take a trip to the Teaching Temple, which existed for 200 years.

5. Mestia, Georgia

With a high position, which is about 1,500 meters, Mestia of Georgia owns more interesting things to discover than you imagine. The small town is situated nearby the Caucasus Mountains delivering majestic landscape and also a perfect spot for hiking. The peaks are covered with a layer of snow during winter, which is very captivating to observe.

startling tourist destinations

You would not want to miss such a beautiful location

You may love the idea of touring in local museums or have a taste of wine made in the town. At night, the glittering light of illuminated towers usually captures the vision of many travelers.

6. Trinidad, Bolivia

startling tourist destinations

Catedral de Trinidad, Beni, Bolivia

The town owns a tropical atmosphere which is hot, humid most of the time. Stuck between Santa Cruz and Rurrenabaque, Trinidad delivers impressive structure of the colonial building and amazing views around the local. Having distinguished features of Bolivia, the town is definitely worth paying a visit.

7. Ikh Uul, Mongolia

startling tourist destinations

The beautiful nature of the place

The vast and deserted land of Ikh Uul is perfect for organizing outdoor activities such as horse riding. Most people in Mongolia are nomadic, so finding an accommodation in this place can be a little difficult. There are hot springs which can be found in the location as well as the national park that will deliver interesting experiences.

8. Bagan, Burma

startling tourist destinations

Mythical appearance of the ancient ruin

Bagan is an ancient city which appeals the interest of not only tourists but also archaeologists. Located in the region of Mandalay, Myanmar, the ruin used to be the capital of ancient Pagan Kingdom. The location features the mysterious atmosphere of an old reign with bizarre architecture and captivating surrounding. If you are fancy at history and old vestiges, this place is an ideal location to explore.

9. Freetown Christiania, Denmark

startling tourist destinations

One of the happiest places to stay

The friendly and happy community of the spot makes it become a recommendable location to settle in. Yoga and meditation are common in this place since this town seems to be the home of relaxation and goodwill. The colorful buildings can be spotted easily along the street giving a catchy view of the neighborhood.

10. Ras Al Jinz, Oman

startling tourist destinations

It is easy to see the turtles along the coast

Being a Middle Eastern country, Oman offers unique and appealing characteristics that are intriguing to foreigners. Situated in Oman, Ras Al Jinz is a mesmerizing beachside that is worth visiting with bright blue waves and spectacular views. You might get to see a pack of turtle wandering along the coast or their nests around the area.

11. Okinawa Island, Japan

startling tourist destinations

Beautiful and spacious horizon of the island

Beaches are always ideal for a summer vacation. Okinawa with a large number of 150 islands is a typical place to spend your trip. Located in Japan, the beach is also near Taiwan. The beautiful picture of Okinawa is combined by the white long coast and crystal blue water of the ocean. It would be an excellent spot for diving, snorkeling. On the island, there is historical site of World War Two that is worth exploring.

12. Ilulissat, Greenland

startling tourist destinations

The glacial region is absolutely worth observing

The town is situated in the north of Arctic Circle. Due to the constant low temperature of the area, Ilulissat is mostly surrounded by the ice fjords, which creates a wonderful view. In this area, you can observe whales, or have a trip at Eqip Sermia Glacier. Dog sledding is also an activity that you can take part in.

With wonderful things in store for the visitors, those lesser-known tourist attractions will deliver new experiences for you. Be ready to embrace new discoveries in those places.

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