10 real-life scenes of "Beauty and the Beast" every traveler yearns to check in

When you are an adult, maybe the fairy tales seem to become a reminiscing part of your childhood. Apparently, sometimes it is good to be a little sentimental. Did you use to dream of visiting the imaginary world that was inspired by the old stories? Well, if you think that is just a wishful thinking then you got it all wrong. That might not just be a dream anymore. Majestic castles, cathedrals or a garden that covers an ocean of colorful flowers are just the things for you. Indeed, these locations below will serve your taste well, especially if your favorite story is Beauty and the Beast.

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1. Eguisheim, France

Eguisheim is definitely a scene describing perfectly the town where Belle, our lovely lady, lived. Owning a charming view, the site is named as one of “the most beautiful villages of France”. You will be surprised at how similar this place compared to the image on the Disney cartoon. If they want to do a real-life version of this story, this place is full potential for that.

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

The small village inherits the rural beauty of France

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

It does look similar, doesn't it?

From the colorful house adjoins one another featuring flowers and unique French architecture to the small town square having a fountain in the center, this little French town is the neighboring location of the village from which the cartoon version took the inspiration.

2. Bayeux, France

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

A scene reminds you of that little house of Belle and her father

Finishing with the town where the story began, now, we move to that little house of our dear Belle. You can find it right on Bayeux, which is a village in Calvados Province. The town is separated a few miles from the Normandy Coast. With poetical scenery, the spot is an ideal destination for romantic souls. Of course, people who are interested in historical features would find this place amusing to travel as well. Waterwheel, a small river, and colorful flowers surround little houses reminding people of the mill cottage where Belle lived with her father.

3. Chateau de Chambord |Loir-et-Cher, France

Majestic and gorgeous, this royal palace of France would be a perfect replica of the Beast's castle. And you know what? The castle in the film that you see on the screen is actually inspired by some features of this place.

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

Such a gorgeous architectural complex

While the castle in the movie version was surrounded by dense forest, might be quite gloomy at the beginning, this palace is much brighter and spacious. Situated near the river bank, the estate was meant to be used as a hunting lodge at the first place (Who knows a hunting lodge can be this huge?). There are 440 rooms in total inside the wonderful architecture.

4. Sainte-Chapelle | Paris

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

It's definitely a scene you can see in Walt Disney's cartoons

Situated on the Île de la Cité Island, Sainte-Chapelle is captivating from the appearance of the inner design. When visiting the site, you would easily figure out the reason why Sainte-Chapelle is named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The majestic construction covers a wonderful series of stained glass windows. There is about 1,113 of them, each of which contributes to the beauty of the building. You can easily recognize these glass patterns at several points throughout the movie, at the beginning as well as the final scene when the image of Beauty and the Beast carved on the window.

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5. Pub 199 | Mt. Arlington, N.J.

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

We could say this is a more friendly version of the pub where Gaston usually entered

Do not forget about Gaston, that arrogant antagonist of the movie. He might be the villain in the story, but who can say that the story would be good without him? If you remember Gaston, then he might remind you of that little pub where he spent the night talking about himself and his achievement with his mates, and girls too. Pub 199 is might be a little too far from France, but it does have that characteristic of Gaston. The pub features a fireplace, where mounted animal heads hung above, and great dishes on the menu.

6. Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen | Gallen, Switzerland

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

Now that's what we call a library

Our nerdy Belle would love this library at her fist sight, and you have already known about her love for books. The quaint and classic design of the library is outstanding. Even if you do not favor books much, you would love to spend a tour in this place. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen had been built in the 1700s.

7. St. Vitus Cathedral | Prague

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

Its construction is impressive enough, not to mention the unique gargoyles

Well, if you still memorize the details in the film well, then you might relate this place to the movie in a blink of an eye. That’s right! It is the grand gargoyles on the top of the Beast’s castle where the intense fight of the Beast and Gaston occurred. The sight of them can be found easily at St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. Some gargoyles are based on the figure o the human instead of animals.

8. Biltmore Estate | Asheville, N.C.

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

Is that the castle of your dream?

The estate does have the view that makes people think of the setting of the Beast’s castle. It used to belong to an American royal descent. With the exquisite architecture outside and inside along with a lovely garden and mountainous area, the house of George Vanderbilt II looks like being pulled out from a storybook.

9. Elizabeth Park Rose Garden | Hartford, Conn.

Roses are the best reminder of Beauty and the Beast. That makes this beautiful rose garden an excellent place to visit. It owns that romantic and dreamlike scenery that you need for a fairy tale photo shoot. Put on the gown and be a princess!

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

Truly poetical and romantic

10. Palace of Queluz | Queluz, Portugal

scenes of Beauty and the Beast

You would not want to miss this place, even if you have watched the movie or not

That waltz of the Beast and Belle is something that is so iconic to forget as well as the ballroom where they danced. The spacious ballroom in thePalace of Queluz resembles the one in the movie very much alike. The picture would be perfect with just a melody of “Tale as Old as Time". Are you ready for the waltz?

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True as it can be”, let’s experience the feeling of being a character in the fairy tale by visiting these spots!

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