10 outstanding national parks in California you should check in

Just a few cities evoke so much splendor, dynamic and bustle in name alone and the fantastic California is one of them. However, California is also a dream destination for nature-lovers with the crystal clear sea, stunning valleys and verdant carpet of plants. Let’s check out our list of 10 outstanding national parks in California . Maybe some of them will make your holiday an unforgettable one!

1.Death Valley national park

It sounds like a scary place to avoid, but do not let the ominous name fool you. Although this area is brutally hot all year round, you can find a surprisingly beautiful place if your visit in early spring or winter, . Flowers are blooming in California’s desert, covering the dry, hard soil with a colorful carpet of poppies, brittlebush and desert sunflowers.

national parks in California

If you are a bloom-seeker, it’s a real paradise that you can’t miss out

Death Valley is a stunning sight to visit and thousands of people are coming here to witness the true nature’s glory. In the season, the gorgeous blooms spreads from the foothills to upper dessert slopes and higher valleys, then ascend endlessly to the mountains. At the time the blooming hit the peak, all the valley is saturated with pink, purple, yellow and red petals of different blooms.

2. Yosemite national park

200 miles east of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park is worldwide known for its enchanting waterfalls, but within its 1,200 square miles, you will find deep valleys, grand meadows, a vast wilderness area, ancient giant sequoias and much more. Today, Yosemite valley is famous for fantastic hiking, fishing and wildlife watching, not to mention breathtaking big-wall rock climbing.

national parks in California

Not just a great valley, but also a shrine to human foresight, the granite’s strength and the power of glaciers.

With its marvelous glacier-sculpted geology and the best recreational opportunities, Yosemite, is entitled as one of the crown jewels of the whole national park system in the US. Yosemite's granite wonderland has been carved by massive glaciers roughly three million years ago.

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3. Point Reyes national seashore

California is best known for its stunning beaches, but those who prefer seals and solitude to boardwalks and bikini girls should make their way to Point Reyes national seashore. Just 37 miles north of San Francisco, this peninsula is one of few wild beaches in this Golden State. Sea cliffs and headlands provide a sanctuary for wildlife, including nesting sea birds and raptors.

national parks in California

A beautiful moment of the tranquil Point Reyes in sunset

4. Joshua Tree national park

Two notable desert ecosystems, the Colorado with the Mojave, meet and blend at Joshua Tree National Park - one of the most beloved parks in California. A stunning variety of diverse flora and fauna make their home in such a land carved by strong winds and occasional rain.

national parks in California

Stepping into the Park, you will have the strange feeling of living in a wonderland

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the famous Joshua trees, renowned for its dagger-like leaves and zig-zagging branches. You will also have chance to witness some marvelous geologic displays with the characteristics of Southern California's desert land: granite monoliths or twisted rock formations which are painted in faded colors into a subtle giant mosaic.

5. Lassen Volcanic national park

While Wyoming’s Yellowstone national park is world-famous for volcanic features like geysers, fumaroles and mud springs, northern parks in California boasts its own version: Lassen Volcanic national park, about 50 miles east of Redding. Visiting it now is a dramatic lesson in the Earth's healing powers. The park still bears vast scars of hardened lava yet between the sculpted rocks, the flora and fauna are endlessly flourishing.

national parks in California

The park is capped by 10,462 foot-high Lassen Peak, the largest volcanic dome in the world

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6. Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks

Home to deep valleys, giant sequoia, the highest redwoods, and miles of hiking trails, the Sequoia & Kings Canyon national Park is a real paradise for nature-lovers. This picturesque landscape, attesting to the pristine natural beauty with vast caverns, rugged foothills and the earth's largest trees, gains a huge reputation for the best hikes. If you love a short, paved trail or just an all-day hike, discovering by your own foot is the best way to admire these two magnificent parks.

national parks in California

If you’re a big fan of hiking, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks is not to be missed

7. Pinnacles national park

23 million years ago, some volcanoes erupted, flowed, then slid to form what become Pinnacles National Park today. Pinnacles offers visitors solitude, challenge, and escape from the urban atmosphere. People head to Pinnacles to rock climb, hike, view wildflowers, watch and study wildlife, and experience nature’s beauty... During the spring, when the grasses are bright green and wildflowers can be seen along most of the trails, hiking is the best.

national parks in California

The spectacular walls attract many rock climbers all over the world

8. Devils Postpile national monument

Founded in 1911, Devils Postpile National Monument preserves and protects the 101-foot high Rainbow Falls, the Devils Postpile formation and pristine mountain scenery. The Devils Postpile, to the east of Yosemite, looks as if it has been created by some excellent satanic sculptors. However, it is just one of the most enchanting examples of columnar basalt on the planet.

national parks in California

Superb landscape of Towering basalt columns: the creation of fire and ice

9. King Range national conservation area

A fantastic meeting of the sea and the land is the remarkable feature of the King Range National Conservation Area. While its fir-covered peaks attract hunters, hikers, and campers, the coast beckons to surfers, beachcombers, anglers, and many others. The world-class mountain bike trails and coastal wilderness are two most attractive highlights in this incredibly unique area

national parks in California

Backpackers hiking along the beach in King Range National Conservation Area will be smiles

10. Redwood national and state parks

The park gains a huge reputation as home to the tallest trees on the planet. It also preserve wild riverways, vast prairies, oak woodlands and roughly 40- mile-long rugged coastline. The parks manage these lands for the inspiration, happiness and education of all.

national parks in California

The enchanting mystique of these ancient forests will definitely draw you in

Since the dawn of time, human beings have lived in this verdant landscape. Coastal redwoods have inspired humans for thousands of years . There are also a playground and a camping site here. It will be a lot of fun, even for the most naughty kids.

To get the best of California, there’s nothing more fascinating to do than visiting some outstanding national parks here. Some places where the pristine nature of the U.S is preserved for posterity will be the dream destinations for all backpackers. Grab your camera and head to our 10 must-come national parks in California - the Golden State, it won’t let you down !

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