10 of the tourist destinations that need just a day to explore

10 of the tourist destinations that need just a day to explore

Normally, people tend to stay for days at a tourist destination because there are too many things to do or explore in one day. Meanwhile, there is a certain number of them can help you speed up the process since you will only need a day to complete your visit. Obviously, if you are a type of person who always enjoys embracing new surprises, these promising locations for one-day trips below will be excellent ideas to consider.

1. Chicago Downtown, the U.S

This artistic city of the United States is famous for a great number of museums, parks, clubs, etc. Only within 24 hours at the downtown of Chicago, you can manage to cover most of the highlights that the city offers. If you adore artworks as well as fine buildings, you should visit some well-known destinations like Art Institute of Chicago with prominent artworks following Impressionism, Millennium Park delivering wonderful collections of paintings, sculpture.

tourist destinations

Sunset in Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain

Your one-day itinerary can also include explores Grant Park, Cloud Gate, Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain, Chicago Cultural Mile. Want some different spices? Pay a visit to Chicago Theater to immerse in dramatic plays. Additionally, join in a river cruise to contemplate the beauty of the city.

2. The Old Town Sarajevo, Bosna

tourist destinations

Having a walk in the old streets of Sarajevo can bring great pleasure

A one-day tour around Sarajevo will leave unforgettable memories. The vintage town is charming with a calm atmosphere and tranquil ambiance. Being the center of culture and art, the spot impresses tourists with thriving artistic constructions, eventful festivals due to an interesting combination of multiple cultures like Austro-Hungarian, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, tasty local foods, interesting fairs with a variety of goods, occasional special events.

3. Wilmington, Delaware

Another promising candidate for your one-day tour is Wilmington. Impressing people with eye-catching architectures and museums which are full of mesmerizing art collections, the biggest city of Delaware never let its visitors down. Just look at the scenic city views, how can you resist such an amazing city like that?

tourist destinations

A night scene in Wilmington

You can have a delightful family trip by stopping at Brandywine Zoo and Delaware Children's Museum (bet your kids will totally love them, and you too!), or get closer to the luxurious life by strolling in Nemours Mansion and Gardens, a 300-acre French mansion.

4. Middleburg, Virginia

The town looks like a small version of London. This well-known ‘epicenter’ of Virginia delivers a variety of appealing sports and games to take part in such as fox hunts and polo matches. If you are a fan of antique, you have found the right place to be. Antique shops are quite numerous in this tranquil town.

tourist destinations

Verdant landscape of Middleburg

You might also want to check in National Sporting Library & Museum where exhibits the development of important sports, especially polo matches. Don’t forget to taste the best types of wine in town in gastropubs.

5. Calistoga, California

The city is on the northern point of Napa Valley. Despite its captivating features, the spot is pretty less famous to tourists than Napa or Sonoma. With a laid-back ambiance, Calistoga’s charm is in its quaint beauty and nature.

tourist destinations

The beauty of a Victorian architecture in Calistoga

Coming to the land, you can spend your time bathing inside hot springs, mud baths, relaxing in spas or going around to admire the vintage beauty of Victorian architectures. Several cups of fine wine can enhance your experience even more, especially if they come from excellent producers like Chateau Montelena, Clos Pegase, etc.

6. Santa Barbara

One glance at the city and you will be enchanted immediately. Santa Barbara is very vibrant and delightful with gorgeous beaches, Mediterranean atmosphere, not to mention a mix of wineries, art galleries captivating views and delicious specialties. You can find great pieces of art at Museum of Art, get a taste of wine at Urban Wine Trail, or take a walk Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden.

tourist destinations

The beach paradise in Santa Barbara is ideal for any trip

7. Agra, Delhi

To reach the city, you need to drive about 3 hours from Delhi. As soon as you arrive at the spot, you’ll see that it’s completely worth it. It is where you can have a look at one of the famous world wonders, Taj Mahal, known as a symbol of love.

tourist destinations

Taj Mahal was the gift of an Indian king to his late wife

Moreover, Agra Fort and a large number of Mughal royal constructions will please your eyes. Agra is easy to access. You can always make it by taking a bus or train. Winter and spring are two ideal periods to pay a visit.

8. Whidbey Island

tourist destinations

Whidbey Island features calm and tranquil atmosphere

It is a perfect place for the ocean and seafood lovers to do a 1-day tour. Despite its limited scale (only 45 miles in length), the island manages to make the best out of itself by giving breath-taking scenery which is a fuse of beaches, forests, green meadows, farmland. Don’t leave the island without eating Whidbey’s famous mussel dishes. Art galleries and boutiques can be a part of your trip, too.

9. Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

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Bahia Honda State Park is where you can throw an excellent beach vacation

Nearby the vibrant Miami, Bahia Honda State Park will be great for a summer getaway. The beach park is suitable not only for swimming and getting your tan skin but also for snorkeling, fishing, kayaking as well. That’s not all. If you are in luck, you might catch the sight of barracuda, stingrays on an exploring tour. Aside from beautiful beaches, the scenic views of the park are enhanced by sand dunes, the symbolic Old Bridge, mangroves, lagoons, etc.

10. Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona's scenery is truly phenomenal

The beauty of Sedona is undoubtedly jaw-dropping as it has classified to be one of the most natural landscapes in the U.S. Your visions will be captured immediately by vividly red rock formations and canyons. Beyond the expectation, the spot also offers Slide Rock State Park, where you can go for a slide at natural water streams of narrow rock fissures. Raise your sports spirit up with golf, hiking, and finish your day tour in spas. Take a glance at some Native American-inspired jewelry as you might want to get your souvenirs.

All those tourist destinations above can be explored easily in one day. However, there will be no surprise if you want to spend more time with them since each of them is special in their own way.

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