10 of the must-see attractions in Australia

Australia is widely known as one of the most wonderful tourist attractions all over the world. This writing will introduce to you top 10 must-see attractions in the wonderland.

1. Kakadu National Park

attractions in Australia

A wonderful corner of the Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park is a large region attracting many visitors by the majestic beauty along with the rich culture. Traveling to Kakadu, people will have an opportunity to explore the wet areas to find out crocodiles as well as take the best photos of 275 bird species. Moreover, they will be able to admire the great stone artworks of Australian aborigines.

The generations of Australian aborigines have lived and protected this landscape for 10,000 years. The close link of the spirit with the land of the local people is shown in the world heritage list of Kakadu.

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2. The Great Barrier Reef, QLD

attractions in Australia

Exploring the Great Barrier Reef will bring you a lot of amazing experiences

If you love dolphins, stingrays, giant turtles or a number of types of colorful fish, Great Barrier is an ideal destination in Australia for you. This marine park stretches along the Queensland beach and it is longer than the Great Wall in China.

3. The Sydney, NSW

attractions in Australia

The Sydney Opera House

A ferry through the Sydney Harbor will bring you a lot of magic experiences which the local people have never felt boring. The towering sails of the Sydney Opera House, as well as the magnificent Sydney Bridge, become the pride of Australian.

Besides, you can take part in many interesting activities such as surfing on the Bondi Beach or enjoying a cup of coffee in a beautiful place where you can look at the green waves and the white beach.

4. Uluru (Ayers Rock), NT

attractions in Australia

Visiting Australia, you cannot miss Uluru

Uluru is a giant rock formed in the Kata Tjuta National Park. The rock belongs to Anangu Aborigines and becomes a unique symbol of this country. It will be a truly wonderful experience that you cannot miss in Australia.

5. Melbourne, Vic

attractions in Australia

Melbourne city has many interesting attractions

Melbourne is not only the second largest city but also the cultural center of Australia. This is an international city having the harmonious combination between the creative art and the local life.

Exploring the bars hidden in the heart of the city or the outdoor cafe on the small streets, tasting the delicious dishes and watching the attractive performances in the big theater are some of the wonderful experiences in Melbourne to try.

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6. Tasmania

attractions in Australia

The great beauty of Tasmania attracts tourists at the first sight

Tasmania, also called “Tassy”, is an island of the green valleys, warm valleys, quiet villages and beautiful beaches. The weather here is really comfortable, which is cool in winter and windy in summer. As a result, a number of tourists choose this site for their journey to avoid the extremely severe weather of the inland Australia.

7. Broome, WA

attractions in Australia

Taking a camel ride in Broome

Located along the beach in west Australia, Broome is known as a special place where the dessert cuts the sea. With the tropical climate, Broome is absolutely a wonderful attraction in Australia for relaxing. The culture here is truly rich including the culture of Malaysia, Japan, China, Europe, and Australia, which creates the distinctive characteristics of the impressive town.

8. Kimberley

attractions in Australia

Starting your trip with Kimberley will be a perfect decision

This is an alluring destination in Australia for those who love adventures, remoteness, and wildness. You can only visit Kimberley in the dry season from March to November. The rivers carve their images in the dusty red strip and obviously, tourists can enjoy the sparkling pools, stunning canyon, and impressive waterfalls.

9. Whitsunday Island

attractions in Australia

Whitsunday Island is a wonderful site for a lot of underwater activities

Situated right next to the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Island is the paradise for a lot of exotic activities including scuba diving, fishing on the reef, water skiing, boating, parasailing, climbing and many more.

Don't miss Magnificent Whitehaven beach, one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world, which is famous for the white silica sand and turquoise waves.

10. Barossa Valley, SA

attractions in Australia

Your trip to Australia will not complete if you miss Barossa Valley

Barossa is one of the largest wine growing regions and also made of 25% kinds of wines of Australia.

About 45 kilometers from the Northeast of Adelaide city, it is very easy to visit this famous site. You can drive a motorbike around about 50 factories, or you also take part in a tour from Adelaide.

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These are top 10 must-see tourist attractions in Australia that you should come and enjoy. Hoping that you will get a nice trip with full memorable experiences.

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