10 of the most spectacular beaches for an escape in Panama

Panama, which means “abundance of fish”, impresses travelers with the privileged beachfront location. Located in Central America, and known as the meeting point of North and South America, the famous destination promises to give you so many things to see and do.

Panama is well-known for natural heritages and comfortable policies that promote tourism. As a heaven for both water sports enthusiasts and eco-tourists, Panama has attracted millions of tourists every year. Among different destinations that are worth visiting, the most unique asset of the country is spectacular beaches with blue water, smooth white sand in warm and sunny weather. Let’s escape from busy life to visit 10 of the most spectacular beaches in Panama now, guys!

beaches in Panama

Beaches in Panama are so clear

When to visit?

Most parts of Panama enjoy warm climate (21°C - 33°C). The ideal time to come here is between December and April when it is convenient to play water sports and sunbathe. However, it is okay to visit from May to November for the romantic rainy season.

Weather and clothing always go together. Dresses, T-shirts and shorts are suitable for the beach. In case you would like to wander around, you should dress more formally with a pair of jeans, an collared shirt or a long skirt because many places require this dress code. During the humid season, do not forget to bring an umbrella.

How to get in and around?

Citizens from a lot of countries do not need a visa to visit Panama. Depending on where you depart, you can travel by plane, by car, by bus, by boat or on foot. Generally, public transportation in Panama does not cost much and quite reliable. However, if you choose to go in a taxi, you should stay cautious and clear about the price before getting in.

Where to stay?

If you have something to worry about in your trip to Panama, it is certainly not accommodation. There are a lot of hotels, resorts and youth hostels along the coasts. Accommodation is quite acceptable compared to service quality. Prices range from $11 to $300 per night.

Here are some suggestions for you:

• Mamallena Backpackers Hostel - $12 (Panama City);

• Luna’s Castle Hostel - $14 (Panama City);

• Villa Marita - $55 (Boquete);

• Hotel Panamonte - $210 (Boquete).

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Spectacular beaches in Panama

- Playa Las Lajas

beaches in Panama

The 13-km long beach of Playa Las Lajas

This main highlights of the beach are calm water and ideal weather for swimming and surfing, which makes it attract a huge number of tourists every weekend. The beautiful beach in Panama also provides a peaceful space to escape from busy lifestyle in nearby cities.

- Taboga Island

beaches in Panama

Taboga, The Island of Flowers

It takes about 20 minutes to drive to “The Island of Flowers” from Panama City. Taboga Island is usually full of pleasant smells from tropical plants. Visitors have the chance to explore the local history and culture through visiting an ancient village where you can see with your own eyes the second-oldest church in the Western hemisphere.

- Santa Catalina

beaches in Panama

Santa Catalina beach for waves' lovers

The beach in Panama is a place for waves and surfing’s lovers. There are jungle forests that boost the natural beauty of the area. Tourists enjoy riding horses, camping, sunbathing and fresh meals on the beach.

- San Blas Islands

The group of 378 small islands along the Caribbean coast remains isolated from the modern world. It is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of Panama’s indigenous people, the Kuna. Provided that you are friendly and polite with a tiny amount of money, they will let you use one of their islands exclusively for the whole day.

- Coiba Islands

beaches in Panama

Coiba Islands draw the attention of both travelers and scientists

In the Gulf of Chiriqui lies one of the spectacular beaches in Panama, the islands of Coiba. The site is home to hundreds of marine species and represent unique wild beauty. It is clear that the island draws the attention of both travelers and scientists.

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- Grande Island

beaches in Panama

The picturesque beauty of Grande Islands

Have you ever seen a desktop screen with palm trees, white-sand beaches and blue high sky? It must be a picture of Grande Island. This little beach is a favorite getaway for visitors who like snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving. Besides, tourists love visiting the statue of Black Christ made of several kinds of coral, hanging out on walking paths and tasting local cuisines.

- Bastimentos Island

beaches in Panama

Bastimentos Island, one of the largest islands in Panama

Located close to Bocas del Toro District, Bastimentos Island is one of the largest islands in Panama. It looks beautifully calm in beaches, sea turtles, mangroves and coral reefs. Therefore, Bastimentos is becoming a favorite destination of backpackers.

- Boca del Drago

beaches in Panama

Boca del Drago, the Sky on Earth

You can call this island either “the sleeping beauty” or “the Sky on Earth” because it contains a vast number of starfishes. Visitors can easily reach here by bike, bus or taxi. After experiencing the tranquility of this undiscovered world, make sure that you try excellent local foods like fried fish, coconut rice and cold beer.

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- Playa Venao

beaches in Panama

One of the most popular attractions in Panama

As a mix of modern and wild things, you can find a lot of interesting things during time in there. Next to tropical jungles, rolling hills and humorous animals is the sunny beach with sports activities and very cozy restaurants.

- Pearl Islands

beaches in Panama

The islands of Pearls

Pearl Islands contain more than 200 tiny islands, many of which are used to be a shelter for pirates and merchants and was famous for their pearls. The limitation of accommodations and restaurants here even makes the spot more special and attractive.

It does not take much time to read about 10 of the most spectacular beaches in Panama but it does take you hours to enjoy the magnificent scenery in real life. The 10 tourist sites above are really fascinating, so how wonderful can they be if you let yourself appear there?

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