10 of the most impressive but cheapest hostels in Europe

You are planning a trip to Europe, but it is no easy matter finding satisfactory accommodation. Don't worry - we are here to help! Here is a list of the top 10 most impressive but cheapest hostels in Europe that will satisfy every travel taste.

1. Generator Paris (Paris, France)

Generator Paris is really a good idea among the pricey Paris. This eight-floor hostel has the maximum capacity of 950 people, and different types of rooms with reasonable prices can meet every demand. Like other hotels, it also offers bar services, but with much softer prices.

Another plus is the hostel’s design which is elegant like a work of art. You will be hypnotized by a fancy, cinematic, romantic and vintage look, which is infused with particular Parisian vibes inside the hostel.

hostels in Europe

An elegant bedroom in Generator Paris

2. WellnessHostel 4000 (Saas-Fee, Switzerland)

The diversity of hostels in Europe is enriched with a brand-new type called “wellness hostel” which can found nowhere else on Earth. The hostel is built in the style of traditional dormitories, but it distinguishes itself with a wide range of fitness and wellness facilities, such as a ping-pong table, swimming pools, hot tubs, a Finnish sauna and massage services.

hostels in Europe

Relax in a sauna at WellnessHostel 4000

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3. Slo-living (Lyon, France)

After a full day in Lyon, nothing is better than winding down in a nice and pleasant place like Slo-living. The room rates are quite reasonable, considering the hostel is conveniently situated at the heart of the city. The homey and cozy space of Slo-living is designed to accommodate just about 40 people with a view to help travelers from all over the world make friends with each other.

If you do not have enough time to get around Lyon to enjoy local specialties, Slo-living is ready to offer any dishes you want. The best part when coming to this cheap hostel in Europe is sipping a glass of wine while chilling out in a beautiful open patio with light breezes.

hostels in Europe

Guests intimately mingle at Slo-living

4. Backstay Hostel (Ghent, Belgium)

Although the building went through modern renovations, main traits of the 1930s Art-deco are still maintained by the preservation of the interior design. Especially, the inside space is impressively imbued with the cool newspaper design. For example, each room is entitled and dedicated to a popular newspaper in the world, like The Washington Post.

hostels in Europe

Backstay Hostel looks beautiful on the outside

5. Basecamp Hostel (Bonn, Germany)

Basecamp Hostel, creatively converted from an abandoned storage facility, is a new level of innovative hostels in Europe. Surrounded by the fake background of blue skies, 15 vintage camping caravans in the warehouse are diversely themed and elegantly colored, making them turn into lovely hostel rooms.

Besides, the hostel offers two unique sleeper trains with shared bathrooms. With the total area of 1,600 square meters, it brings travelers the impression that they are living in their own small town.

hostels in Europe

Cute camping caravans

6. The Hat (Madrid, Spain)

Although technically called “hostel”, the impressive design, modern amenities and impeccable services make The Hat more like a boutique hotel. Charmingly designed with concrete walls, bizarre large paintings and modern furniture, the hostel brings to visitors an easy-going atmosphere. The rooftop bar where travelers can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Madrid is the highlight of the cheap hostel.

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hostels in Europe

A beautiful night on the rooftop of The Hat

7. Ecomama (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Together with the pretty look and affordable room rates, the eco-friendly quality, as its name suggests, makes Ecomama the best place to stay in Amsterdam. Recycled materials are utilized for decorations, and environment-friendly facilities, such as a water saving system and natural stone heating, are also installed. The hostel offers different room types, and a wide range of organized activities like movie nights.

hostels in Europe

Ecomama is made with recycled materials

8. Wombat’s, London, UK

Wombat’s offers dorms with bunk beds and en-suites, a bar in the basement, and a quiet terrace on the top floor. With only £3.50, you can enjoy a special buffet continental breakfast provided by the hostel.

hostels in Europe

A buffet continental breakfast at Wombat's

9. Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites (Lisbon, Portugal)

The great value of Blue Boutique, which is located in Estoril, lies in the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and wonderful landscape of this seaside town. This cheap hostel in Europe is an elegant pale blue villa with simply-designed rooms and all modern conveniences. The splendid panoramic view can be admired from airy balconies or outdoor terraces, and there are also bars for chilling out and mingling.

hostels in Europe

The lovely pale blue villa

10. Loft (Reykjavik, Iceland)

This is an ideal hostel for budget travelers who want to visit Reykjavik, one of the most expensive European capitals. A night at this hostel is as comfortable as at others in the area, but it just costs less money. Besides, a fully equipped kitchen, buzzing bar area, and open-access computers are at your disposal.

hostels in Europe

The cool decoration of the Loft Hostel

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Low price does not always mean low quality. These above hostels in Europe are open to travelers all around the world to have the best relaxing.

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