10 of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

Asia is extremely popular with tourists whenever the summer comes because of the super beautiful beaches. There are 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Asia below which will give you more options for the summer holiday.

1. Non Nuoc Beach – Vietnam

Da Nang, one of the best cities in Vietnam, has a coastline lengthening about 35 kilometers and is very famous for a lot of beautiful seashores such as Tien Sa, Son Tra or My Khe. According to Forbes, Non Nuoc Beach has been rated as one of the nicest beaches in the world.

The beach has white sand, clean sea water, and mild waves during the year. The local restaurants also bring tourists special sea foods with excellent services. Especially, Non Nuoc Beach is not crowded, so it is a perfect place to relax. You also can rent a tent and camp on the sand and enjoy the sounds of the ocean. With the wave level and climate, the beach is an ideal spot for water sports.

beautiful beaches in Asia

Non Nuoc Beach is really charming in the morning

2. Boracay Beach – Philippines

Visitors will be satisfied with the clean white sand, the pure water and the great place to watch sunrise of White Beach. The locals are hospitable and willing to help tourists. This beach is suitable for water sports, especially surfing. Although there is the seaweed, you totally can enjoy swimming in the cool water, even see some small marine species. There are a lot of seafood restaurants, stores, bars or even tattoos shops at the area.

beautiful beaches in Asia

Boracay - one of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines

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3. El Nido – Philippines

El Nido in Palawan is voted as one of the most beautiful beaches and island spots by the CNNGo which is CNN’s traveling website. The beach is famous for its beautiful nature and ecosystem. In 2016, the travel magazine Travel and Leisure rate the beach as the no.1 destination for the best island in the world.

El Nido has also been listed as the 4th most fantastic beach in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. The attraction has over 50 lovely beaches, many species of birds and three main marine species. One of the specialists helping it become one of 10 best beaches in Asia is that you can see a lot of marine mammals, especially dolphins when traveling. Besides, the service is quite good and reasonable.

beautiful beaches in Asia

Be amazed at the blue and clear water in El Nido

4. Radhanagar Beach – India

You will be mesmerized by the bright turquoise water and the white sand at first sight of Radhanagar Beach. The sky is quite bright which makes the waves more brilliant blue. The water is very fresh and clean which is suitable to swim.

After 3 pm is the best time to go swimming because the lower of UV rays helps your skin less tanned. You should enjoy the beauty of the beach by your eyes in real as the beach is too great to be taken in the camera. The hotel prices are quite affordable, and the locals are so friendly and smiley.

beautiful beaches in Asia

Radhanagar Beach

5. Ngapali Beach – Myanmar

Ngapali Beach is well-known with the twinkle white sand, palm trees, fresh air and the beautiful Bengal Bay. Ngapali is named hundreds of years ago by an Italian when he reminisced about Napoli. It has voted as one of the best beaches in Myanmar. There is a fishing village with small boats which are always ready to serve the tourists just a few hours later.

Although the number of visitors traveling to the beach increases each year dramatically, the service is prettily excellent, and the locals are very friendly and willing to help if you are in troubles. Moreover, the beach has huge space due to the 25 meters of the coast. The high season in there is from November to March. In addition, a lot of hotels close to prepare or open new rooms from May to October (rainy season).

beautiful beaches in Asia

Come to this beach and mix with fresh air in there

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6. Nai Harn Beach – Thailand

The beach is not too crowded and quite clean. The water is pure and clear, while the wave is suitable for surfing lovers. As you are in Thailand, you will enjoy the diversity of fruits there, in particular mango, dragon fruit, pineapple or mangosteen.

beautiful beaches in Asia

Nai Harn Beach will make you love it at first sight

7. Haeundae Beach – South Korea

Haeundae Beach is known as one of the most fantastic beaches in South Korea. The beach is perfect to go swimming with the beautiful coastline. Summer is the ideal season to visit there. Many kinds of accommodation have been increased in the area surrounding, arranging from 5-star hotels to guesthouses. The beach is also famous for numerous festivals and cultural events organized during the year, which will attract your interest.

beautiful beaches in Asia

This is a wonderful beach for an escape in Asia

8. Yonaha Maehama Beach – Japan

The white sand is clean, and the water is so pure and turquoise. There are many shops in the area around the beach. The hotel prices are reasonable with great rooms and excellent service.

beautiful beaches in Asia

Yonaha Maehama Beach - peaceful and lovely

9. Nusa Dua Beach – Indonesia

Nusa Dua Beach which faces the Indian Ocean is a popular destination in China whenever summer comes. It is voted as one of 10 of the most wonderful beaches in Asia. It’s superb to go swimming and surfing with families and friends because it’s not deep and dangerous.

beautiful beaches in Asia

You can't leave Indonesia without setting on the beach

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10. An Bang Beach – Vietnam

An Bang Beach has white sand, pure water, and fresh air which perfect conditions for swimming and surfing. You just need to spend a few minutes cycling from Hoi An to the beach. There are many delicious restaurants and cafes in the area as well. Primarily, you can use the chair or beds in the restaurants for free if you have lunch at their places. Vietnamese people are very friendly and welcoming.

beautiful beaches in Asia

An Bang Beach is really pristine

There are 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Asia mentioned above. Why don’t you book the flight tickets and prepare for your trip right now?

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