10 of the best spas in Abu Dhabi

10 of the best spas in Abu Dhabi

After a long day of exploration, you must be tired and want a place to recharge your batteries. In this case, spas are the best options. If you have the chance to visit the land of Abu Dhabi, do not forget to drop by these 10 most famous spas to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

1. Emirates Palace Spa

This is among one of the most famous spas which aims to bring visitors a sense of relaxation, balance and serenity. Covering a large area of 1,500 square km, the spa is nicely decorated with gold leaf and big domes. The inferior looks stylish with marble rooms, butlers, Moroccan-inspired curtains and fabrics. You can find them in two steam rooms, ice cave, two Jacuzzis and many other attractions.

spas in Abu Dhabi

How enjoyable to relax yourself in a palace-like spa

There are a lot of services that you should not definitely miss, including A Day of Gold and Bespoke Massage. While the former gives you the chance to indulge in gold and diamonds ($1,140), you can stretch yourself in relaxing moments during 60 minutes (only $181).

- Address: West Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

- Tel: +971 2690 9000

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2. Espa at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi

spas in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the stunning view at Espa

This two-storey spa is ideally located on the Yas Marina Circuit which has a variety of entertaining services for your holiday. You will have a chance to engross yourself in a state-of the-art facilities and the careful hands of the staff.

The steam rooms, rain showers and therapy using color are among the most preferable options of tourists. There are also separate areas for men and women to spend their time such as Metronap Energy Pods and marina rotunda respectively. Two popular packages that you should definitely book include the Stress Recovery ($267) and Aromatherapy Massage ($112).

- Address: Yas Viceeroy, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

- Tel: +971 2656 0000

3. Tips and Toes Khalifa City

spas in Abu Dhabi

Cover your tiring legs in full of roses

Although it is not as excellent as others on this list, Tips and Tes Khalifa is still regarded as among the favorite destinations of UAE residents. This is where you can enjoy various beauty treatments at reasonable prices.

It offers everything from simple things like make up or nails care to other health therapies. The main highlights of the spa lies hair care with Hair Box Treatment (helps restore the damaged hair, at $354) and 90-minute Thousand and One Light (body scrub, steam, massage and hair care, at only $95).

- Address: Land 15, Street 12, Southwest 11

- Tel: +971 2557 2255

4. Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa by Anantara

Raked among the 10 most famous spas in Abu Dhabi, this is sure to bring you unforgettable memories in this land. One plus point of this hot spot is the stunning view covered with traditional mangroves the waterfront so that you can harmonize well with the nature.

spas in Abu Dhabi

Relax in a world of lights and luxury at Eastern Mangrove Hotel and Spa

The inferior is a spacious complex which offers marble space, Vichy showers and many treatment rooms to rock your holiday. Among diverse therapies, the meso one to refresh the skin ($188) and the hammam (with sauna, steam, facial massage, body polish Turkey treatments, at $253) are the best that you should try once when visiting this destination.

- Address: Sheikh Zayed Street, Abu Dhabi

- Tel: +971 266 1000

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5. Jumeirah at Eithad Towers Talise Spa

Awarded the World’s Best Spa Brand in 2016, this is a can’t-miss site that will make your trip more wonderful than ever before. It is especially suitable for anyone who is seeking for the privacy and absolute peace.

spas in Abu Dhabi

Tumeirah Spa is a wonderful place to let your soul relax too

Couples should spend a day in the Oriental Ritual (milk and rose bath, body scrub in tea and mud use, massage and face care, at $849). There are also many options for singles and families like Talise Signature Massage (at only $128).

- Address: Jumeirah at Etithad Towers, Abu Dhabi

- Tel: +971 2822 5555

6. Eden Spa at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

If you are seeking for a place to spend your day with water, this one is truly for you. There are a lot of waterworks, pristine beach and pools with beautiful view covered in palm trees. The pool will help you release all the stress and pressures in life. Just stretch your body in the mineral-provided water, look at the glass ceiling and forget your life burdens.

spas in Abu Dhabi

Eden Spa is so beautiful

Remember to book the Ultimate Pampering Package to get your body scrubbed and massaged at only $280. Otherwise, it is also advisable to try the Abhyyangam with 50 minutes indulging in oil treatment to refresh the skin (at $96).

- Address: Le Medidien Abu Dhabi, Tourist Club Area

- Tel: +971 2644 6666

7. Espa Spa at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

Covering a spacious area of 2,000 square m, it is a well-furnish hot spot with a beach, pool, waterfall and 16 treatment rooms. This is only designed for adults only, so couples, groups of friends or parents without kids are the ones that should definitely check-in at Espa.

spas in Abu Dhabi

Don't miss relaxing at Espa Spa

It’s up to you to choose different services and packages but the two options that should be tried include Synchronized Massage (using oil and volcanic stones, at $408) and the Signature Hammam Ritual (body wash and massage, at $299).

- Address: Al Maqta Area, Abu Dhabi

- Tel: +971 2 818 8888

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8. Etihad Six Senses Spa

One special feature of this spa in Abu Dhabi is that only passengers travelling by Etihad Airways can enjoy all the services here. Inspired by the thought that travelling is also stressful, Etihad will bring you unforgettable experiences.

spas in Abu Dhabi

A perfect resting place for travelers after a tiring day

The treatments seem interesting to the customers including Jetlag Leg (prevent the tension while travelling, at $27, Realignment (strengthen the neck, arms, shoulders and back, at $25) and Eye Retreat (at $25 too). It is not only ranked among the 10 most famous spas in Abu Dhabi but it also proudly receives the prize as Winner of the World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa in 2016.

- Address: Abu Dhabi International Airport, T1 and T3

9. Remede Spa at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Nicely decorated in black and white, the spa will bring you a sense of modernity and luxury at first sight. All the 11 treatment rooms with state-of-the-art facilities cover a large area of 3,200 square m.

Let’s experience the opulence in the St. Regis Splendor package to have your body and face relaxed with diamond use and then an oxygen mask is provided to let off all the stresses inside. One preferable option that many tourists are absolutely fond of if the Escape to Indonesia (engross in oil therapy, at $1420).

- Address: Nation Tower, Corniche, Abu Dhabi

- Tel: +971 2694 4444

spas in Abu Dhabi

Spacious environment at Remede Spa will create a sense of comfort for you and your beloved

Hopefully all these spas will leave you great moments to live slowly and let your body relax ultimately. Do not forget to include all the 10 most famous spas in your bucket list if you get a chance to visit this wonderful land, Abu Dhabi.

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