10 of luxury resorts on deserts

10 of luxury resorts on deserts

The word resort often reminds people of beautiful beaches or abundant islands. Let’s change that concept with these luxurious resorts on deserts below. Don’t think that they are less interesting than beach resorts. You will be surprised at what they can deliver to you.

1. Amangiri Resort, Utah, the U.S

Resort Amangiri rises in the middle of Utah Desert, which owns a wild and dry terrain. Architects had delicately designed the construction to make it look as if it is a part of the desert by matching the color of the architectural complex to the color of Utah desert sand.

luxury resorts on deserts

A desert resort can be as luxurious as Amangiri

The whole amazing site includes 34 rooms, which are divided into two separate sections. Additionally, modern facilities along with pool, spa are available in the accommodation. To approach Amangiri, you only need a 25-minute drive from Page or a 15-minute drive from the seaside of Lake Powell.

2. Longitude 131, Northern Territory, Australia

Longitude 131 is a part of the wilderness of Red Centre in Australia, the land of Kangaroo. Across the site is Uluru or Ayers Rock, which is known as one of the most amazing natural wonders of Australia.

luxury resorts on deserts

You will stay inside tents like these in Longitude 131

Instead of regular suites or guest rooms, the resort offers 16 separate suites that are designed like tents with big white cloth covers on top of each ‘tent’. You will be even more surprised at the elegance of the interior of the suite, which is completely opposite to the dry landscape in the outside. There are several artistic local handicrafts and a chimney decorated in the suite.

3. Korakia Pensione, California, the U.S

Korakia Pensione is quite different from the two previous resorts with the mix of colorful flowers and palms surrounding the accommodation. Its appearance is similar to a luxurious mansion designed in Morocco style in Greece. Each room had been given a name instead of a number. There are 2 gorgeous outdoor pool and elegant set in the site.

luxury resorts on deserts

Korakia Pensione looks like a tropical island in the middle of a desert

4. Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara, Abu Dhabi

Right on the edge of Empty Quarter Desert is the grand appearance of Qasr Al Sarab Resort. The site is like an oasis located in a dry desert land stretching to 600,000 km2 with the presence of sand dunes at all sizes. The resort offers luxurious spa rooms and a stunning pool.

luxury resorts on deserts

Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara delivers the view of Empty Quarter Desert

5. Little Kulala, Nami, Namibia

The unique architecture of Little Kulala can be spotted in the spacious zone of Namib Desert. Little Kulala is one of the 3 resorts in Nami Desert and also the newest place. With the acreage up to 27,000 ha, the resort consists of 11 suites with a thatched roof. Each suite is equipped with a private pool and balcony. At Little Kulala, you can take part in interesting activities like air balloon tour, exploring the Sossusvlei Desert.

luxury resorts on deserts

Don't you love the beauty of Little Kulala

6. Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, Chile

Located in the Atacama Desert of Chile, the grand hotel impresses people at the first sight with eye-catching architecture along with a perfect view of the Atacama Desert with the sights of Licancabur Volcano.

luxury resorts on deserts

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa is a part of the Atacama Desert

Interestingly, the suites in the resort were mostly constructed from organic materials from the local area. Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa also delivers wonderful tours for guests like climbing, bathing in Puritama hot springs.

7. Enchantment Resort, Arizona, the U.S

Enchantment lives up to its name by delivering a captivating view of pine trees and the famous surreal landscape of Red Rock. The site is not too far away from Sedona Mall. The color of the complex is similar to the reddish appearance of the land. The charm of the construction might relate to its similarity to Moroccan architecture combined with a twist of Southwest style. You can have a look at the beauty of Boynton Canyon from your own room or the on-site restaurant, Che Ah Chi.

luxury resorts on deserts

Enchantment Resort

8. Scarabeo Camp, Agafay, Morocco

Like the name recalls, Scarabeo looks like a campsite popping out of the dry desert of Agafay with little white tents. However, as soon as you step into the site, you will be intrigued by the elegant eating place, simple yet beautiful decoration in each facility. You will sleep inside a tent with a great mix of wooden furniture and a comfy white-sheet bed.

luxury resorts on deserts

The lounge for camping in Scarabeo Camp

9. Marquis Los Cabos Resort, Baja, Mexico

Why do you need to wonder between a desert resort and a beach resort? Marquis Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico can give you both of them. The resort is a unique combination of the Sonoran Desert and Cortez Beach, so you can have a camel ride in the desert and go for a dive in the heart of the ocean at the same place.

luxury resorts on deserts

Marquis Los Cabos Resort is a fuse of beach and desert resort

Recently, Marquis Los Cabos had been invested 10 million USD to restore and upgrade the facilities to make its luxurious style enhance even more. At the captivating poolside, there are 2 artificial waterfalls pouring at the height of 12 m. The resort has 235 rooms in total, and each room has a private sun terrace, bathtub with massage mode as you can enjoy your spa time in your own room.

10. The Saguaro, Palm Springs, the U.S

Another candidate from Palm Springs is Saguaro. The resort will be an excellent choice if you’re traveling with kids since the fun color mix of yellow, orange and pink of the hotel will draw their attention for sure. The style is inspired by the prominent colors of native flowers of Palm Springs.

luxury resorts on deserts

The Saguaro's buildings might relive your experiences in school life

There are 245 rooms in the hotel. Each of them is impressive with multi-color decoration, neon carpet. The massive outdoor pool is definitely the highlight of the accommodation. It is also where eventful parties are usually held with the participation of a large number of guests.

Who says desert is plain and boring? These desert resorts will totally change people’s mind about that. Let’s pick one that suits you best!

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