10 must-sees in the capital of Chile – Santiago

Santiago de Chile or Santiago, a big city founded by the Spanish in 1541, is the capital of Chile. Visiting this land, you can not only see a lot of artifacts of a former colonial city but also be impressed by the charming beauty of the largest city with modern infrastructures. Let’s check out top ten must-sees in this lovely city now!

10. La Moneda

La Moneda or Coin Palace is an important witness in Chile’s history. Coming there, you’ll be totally impressed by the elegant facade with the main patterns of symmetrical windows and lines of columns. You can take a look into the Presidential office or enjoy exciting performances of marching bands. Opened in 1805, this splendid neo-classical palace was used as the Chile Royal Mint before becoming an official presidential palace and later government headquarters.


The amazing view of Palacio De La Moneda

9. The Museum of Memory and Human Rights

Although it has been opened recently, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights is a famous memorial of oppressed Chilean generations. They were exploited and tortured in a long time by the dictatorship. If you’re interested in history, it is an ideal place to visit in Santiago. You’ll see lots of exhibitions which facsimile the coup in 1973 and a great number of human right violations until 1990.


The Museum of Memory and Human Rights

8. Gran Torre Santiago

Only within some recent decades, thanks to the continuous economic growth, Santiago became one of the most modern cities in Latin America. Especially, the highest building in South America, Gran Torre Santiago, is located in this city. With 64 floors, Gran Torre Santiago is also the biggest shopping mall in South America. From the top of this building, you’ll have the total view of the beautiful city.


Gran Torre Santiago - the highest building in South America

7. Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino or National Historical Museum is the house of over 5,000 artworks within 10,000 years of Chile’s formation and development. There are various items with plentiful materials, including metal, textile, pottery, bone, and fur.


Unique collection in Chile National Historical Museum

6. Cerro Santa Lucia

Rising from the east rim of the city center, Cerro Santa Lucia (Santa Lucia hill) is a picturesque landscape that is worth visiting in Santiago. If you want to leave the busy city center for a while and have a peaceful time, let’s come to Cerro Santa Lucia and enjoy the wonderful view of lots of house roofs stretching to Andes Mountain.


Cerro Santa Lucia

5. Mercado Center

This colorful and busy food market has been a highlight attraction in Santiago since 1872. You can find almost every fresh ingredient, from vegetables, fruits to seafood. Moreover, Mercado Center has an impressive structure. It was installed in England and then built in Santiago, Chile in 1872. Especially, this neoclassical architecture resembles a train station from Victoria era.


Enjoy shopping at Mercado Center

4. La Chascona

La Chascona is a two-story house in Bellavista Street in Santiago. At the age of 50, a well-known poet named Pablo who felt in love with two ladies, one is his second wife – Delia del Carril, and the other is Matilde Urrutia – who is his third wife later. At that time, adultery was strongly disapproved, and his relationship with Urrutia was kept secret. And this house is the witness of this love story.


Pablo Neruda's Home, La Chascona

3. Barrio Bellavista

The local people in the city are famous for their “play level” every night. In the fantastic bar, Barrio Bellavista, you’ll have a chance to experience the most exciting time in your life in nonstop music performances, night parties and happy atmosphere.


Barrio Bellavista

2. Santiago Metropolitan Church

Santiago Metropolitan Church is the symbol of classical architecture of Chile built in the 18th century. With delicately carved patterns in a classical design, Santiago Metropolitan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Chile with impressive South-America-regional structure.


Santiago Metropolitan Church

1. Cerro San Cristobal

Cerro San Cristobal offers particular scenery and majestic Andes Mountain. It’s really wonderful to visit this place in clear-sky days. Standing on the top of the hill is a church and a statue of Mary Mother which is 22 meters high. Moreover. Cerro San Cristobal has the largest park in Santiago – Parque Metropolitano which includes a botanical garden, a zoo, and two swimming pools.


Wonderful view of Santiago from Cerro San Cristobal

There are a lot of other fascinating attractions in Santiago, Chile. Why don’t you visit these ten must-see places and enjoy a wonderful trip to this city? Let’s come and enjoy!

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