10 most popular destinations with beautiful scenery in Ireland

Ireland should be your next destination. It boasts a plenty of tourist attractions with the breathtaking landscape. You can walk along the towering world-famous Cliffs of Mother or stroll through giant rock columns in the Giant's Causeway. If you long for the tourism-untouched area, head to Cooley Peninsula. Among multiple top-rated attractions, we just pick up 10 most popular destinations with beautiful scenery. Take a closer look at these breathtaking places and you will know why you shouldn't miss Ireland in your next journey.

1. Cliffs of Moher

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher towering 214 meters from the Atlantic Ocean offers you a magnificent shooting spot

Regarded as one of the most popular destinations in Ireland, Cliffs of Moher towers 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean and stretches about 8 kilometers along the water. The world-famous cliffs house one of the most wonderful coastal walk in Ireland. As you are at Cliffs of Moher, you are able to take multiple photos of beautiful scenery. After wandering around stunning cliffs, take your time to underground Visitor Center for educational exhibits, along with arts and crafts gift shops. On the top of O’Brien’s Tower is a viewing platform which gives a great view of Aran Islands to the west, Galway to the north, and Atlantic Coast.

2. Ring of Kerry

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Ring of Kerry is Ireland's one of the most scenic trails, running through dramatic landscapes

Want to explore the south of Ireland? Set out a road trip on Ring of Kerry. The pathway runs 180 kilometers through dramatic landscapes on the Iveragh Peninsula. It is defined as the Ireland’s most picturesque trail. Highlights of this scenic road include the Kerry Way – the longest and oldest walk in Ireland, and Beara Peninsula– a tranquil and bus-free place. Remember to stop at the Killarney National Park which houses a famous 15th-century Ross Castle and wild red deer. If you are a fan of Charlie Chaplin, head to County Kerry’s Waterville to take a picture in front of his statue.

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3. Skellig Islands

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Skellig Islands is famous for its natural beauty and its incredible monastic complex

From the Ring of Kerry, you can approach Skellig Islands – a pair of rocky islands including Skellig Michael and Little Skellig off the coast of Portmagee. The Ireland's UNESCO World Heritage Site lures visitors for not only its natural beauty itself but also its incredible monastic complex tracing back to 6th century. Besides, Skellig Islands are heaven for birch-watchers with a large number of impressive birds like Gannets, Razorbills, Cormorants, and so much more.

4. The Giant’s Causeway

beautiful scenery in Ireland

The Giant's Causeway boasts about 40,000 basalt rock columns, creating an incredible walkway

The Giant’s Causeway is the only place in Northern Ireland to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once walking on this incredible causeway, you may know why this site receives such a notable award. To get the Giant’s Causeway, you need to cross the renowned Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge which is 30 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. If you don’t want to join such a high-adrenaline activity like that, you can meander along the coast. Then, walk around 40,000 basalt rock columns of the UNESCO-listed Causeway, which were created by a volcanic landscape. Spend your time strolling around and listen to myths about this Mother Nature’s spectacular gift.

5. Aran Islands

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Aran Islands let you experience a true traditional Irish village life

Aran Islands are one of few places that give you a feeling of true traditional Irish village in a fast modernizing Ireland. The car-free islands are where famous Aran sweaters are produced. Aran Islands boast historic torts, stunning beaches, and impressive coastline. Locals speak Gaelic as their mother tongue and live on farming and commune on pony traps.

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6. Glenveagh National Park

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Glenveagh National Park is a top tourist attraction in County Donegal

Glenveagh National Park occupies an area of over 56 square kilometers, making it the second largest national park in Ireland. As a top tourist attraction in County Donegal, the National Park lures millions of visitors every year. You can hike around the Glenveagh with gorgeous mountains in the background, and then enjoy a cup of tea at a 19th-century castle. If you love to go fish, you are able to fish for trout and salmon in beautiful lakes. Don't forget to take a glimpse of rare wildlife, especially Golden Eagle which was formerly instinct and reintroduced here in 2000.

7. Connemara National Park

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Kylemore Abbey at Connemara National Park is one of the most spectacular castles in Ireland

Connemara National Park is home to native Connemara Ponies and its stunning wilderness, drawing a lot of nature-lovers nationwide. While you are at Connemara National Park, don't miss a network of hiking trail around three out of acclaimed Twelve Bens. Additionally, before moving on to other popular destinations, pave a short visit to Kylemore Abbey, a breathtaking monastery in one of the most impressive castles in Ireland.

8. The Burren

beautiful scenery in Ireland

The Burren was formed after thousands of years of erosion

Rising over 300 meters above the ocean in County Clare to the west of Ireland, The Burren gives visitors the feeling that they are walking on the moon. A fissured landscape like a giant puzzle was formed after thousands of years of erosion. As you walk around the Burren, you may spot a large number of rare plants and some of 700 different insects. In spring, this distinct area turns colorful by blooming beautiful wildflowers.

9. Glendalough

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Gelendalough is known as the "Valley of Two Lakes"

Situated in the center of the Wicklow Mountains National Park, Glendalough or known as the “Valley of Two Lakes” is one of the must-visit destinations for a day trip from Dublin, Ireland. The magnificent monastic site was constructed by St. Kevin in the 6th century amidst the landscape of Irish countryside.

10. Cooley Peninsula

beautiful scenery in Ireland

Cooley Peninsula hosts various beautiful landscapes

The isolated Cooley Peninsula stands at the northeastern most of Ireland off the Irish Sea. This peninsula is nearly untouched by the tourism industry. Therefore, it provides an impressive experience for those who love to explore the remote wilderness. Cooley Peninsular offers you various beautiful sceneries from the stunning village of Carlingford to magnificent Mt. Mourne and scenic coastline. If you are keen on untouched destination, it is worth visiting Cooley Peninsula.

Are you satisfied with 10 popular stunning destinations in Ireland above? Remember these are just 10 best places you shouldn’t miss. Ireland definitely offers you much more. So, let’s plan for your next trip to Ireland right now.

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