10 most beautiful beaches in California

Love the thrilling sensation of sand between your toes? If your answer is Yes, don’t miss out our list of 10 most beautiful beaches in California. The state may not strike you as a magnificent beautiful coastal one, but there are several strips of heaven that you can enjoy while visiting stunning beaches here. The summer is coming to town, let’s be wowed at some dream destinations following and plan your unforgettable trip !!!

1. Coronado Beach

Just a 5-minute trip from San Diego take you to this magnificent beach. Coronado Beach boasts glittery wide stretches of sand, ideal whale watching and calm surf. It is a 1.5 mile long sandy beach emerging in the background of the iconic Hotel del Coronado with the peaked red roof in classic Victorian architecture.

beautiful beaches in California

Free your soul when visiting the beautiful Coronado

The beach is flat, making it great for walking and skim boarding. The sand which has a silvery sheen thanks to the presence of mica is an ideal site for a family all-day stay. There's nothing more romantic than holding someone’s hand and taking a romantic walk to the luxury beachfront in the sunset.

2. La Jolla Beach

Called “the jewel” of San Diego, La Jolla is ranked in the the list of the most desired areas for snorkeling, swimming and diving. Visually, the cove is a superbly gorgeous gem. It is entitled as the most photographed beach in SanDiego with alluring curves and caves. It is not overstated if we says that the beauty of this ocean's view is striking.

beautiful beaches in California

Be wowed at one of the most stunning beaches in San Diego

Dramatic cliffs, secluded coves and silvery sandy expanses, La Jolla offers a variety of beaches to please everyone of all interest. Whether you love sunbathing, swimming, surfing or seals, this cove is a dream destination. It is a popular spot which can be jam-packed at times.

3. Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast State Beach consists of 13-mile-long shoreline, stretching from Bodega Head to Blind Beach. The beach is dotted with rocky coves and tall bluffs. Go down the Sonoma Coast Trail to visit the glamorous beach and take some postcard-worthy pictures, of course, no filter necessary.

beautiful beaches in California

Fortunately capture the magnificent sunset along rugged Sonoma Coast

A craggy coastline with natural arches makes Sonoma Coast one of California's most outstanding highlights. While in the summer the north coast can be foggy, it often burns off by the middle of the day and the cool ocean breezes make the coast a haven for visitors who want to escape the inland heat.

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4. Huntington Beach Pier

Located at the end of Main Street, Huntington Beach evokes the time gone by. Known as “Surf City”, Huntington sandy beach begs aquaphiles and sun worshippers come to play. The pier here is one of the West Coast's longest ones. The year-round surf together with the famous Ruby’s Dinner milkshakes will continue to attract crowds here for years to come.

beautiful beaches in California

Don’t miss the chance to take a photo of the famous pier

5. Venice Beach

Venice Beach, labeled as a cultural hub known for its eccentricities, receives millions of holidaymakers each year. Not only is it famous for the wide long white sandy beach but it also gain a remarkable reputation for its iconic beachfront boardwalk, where street vendors and entertainers create an unforgettable scene.

beautiful beaches in California

The famous Venice Beach Boardwalk’s not to be missed

Stretching one and a half miles, the boardwalk is a stunning part of what makes Venice unique. You can see everything from broken glass walking to break-dancing. If you are a big fan of fishing, the Venice fishing pier here highly deserves a visit.

6. Baker Beach

On these sunny days when the fog and the wind have called it quits, it's time to hit Baker Beach, one of the famous sandy beaches in California. Mile-long Baker Beach is located at the foot of rugged cliffs west of the Golden Gate. Whatever aspects entice you, we will all agree that the sunset here is an unforgettable, quintessentially Presidio experience.

beautiful beaches in California

Visitors will find a stunning view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge – and it never gets old !

Mile-long Baker Beach is the best place in town for a natural beach. It is sure that the water here is a bit too cold and rough for swimming. Also, here is perfect for a barefoot stroll along the beach. Nature-lovers can see sea stars (at low tide), grey-green rock formations as well as native wildflowers which bloom year-round on the dunes.

7. Malibu Surfrider Beach

At the heart of the Malibu's legendary landscape, where the sea meet the mountains, Surfrider Beach, also called Malibu Lagoon State Beach has its own nickname “a hot spot” for surfers. Surfers praise this spot because of the perfect swells. And for non-surfers, to the east of the swimming and surfing beach lies the historic wooden Malibu pier - an excellent site for a picnic, bird watching and saltwater fishing.

beautiful beaches in California

Where the mountains meet the sea.

8. Santa Monica State Beach

Situated west of Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica is an iconic example of the famed beaches in California. From surfing, swimming to biking and volleyball, from beach-side gymnastics to outdoor chess, Santa Monica is an ideal destination for those who seek an active, outdoors holiday. With a marvelous pier sporting amusement rides, great shops and a huge beach which can accommodate thousands of visitors, Santa Monica beach easily made the list this year.

beautiful beaches in California

Santa Monica State Beach is laced with endless beach happiness

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9. Sand dollar beach

What Big Sur lacks when the quantity of accessible beaches is considered is offset by the quality of these beaches. And Sand Dollar Beach on the southern Coast is a prime example. The crescent-shaped beach boasts turquoise blue waters, and a scenic mountain backdrop.

beautiful beaches in California

The biggest crescent of Big Sur's sandy beach, setting below the dramatic Pacific Valley cliffs.

While you are walking along the beach and looking for sand dollars, remember to keep your eyes open near the cliffs where green jade stones may be found.

10. Pfeiffer Beach

Located at the heart of Big Sur, Pfeiffer ranks among the most photographed beaches in West Coast. Even though Big Sur's beaches do not house white stretches of sun-baked sand, they offer a variety of recreational opportunities.

beautiful beaches in California

The breathtakingly magnificent sunset moment in Pfeiffer Beach.

Sunny days are occasional since a carpet of seasonal fog often hugs the shoreline. However, at sunset, the fog dispels and breathtaking scenery emerges. It’s undeniably the most majestic piece of coastline on the whole California.

California is the quintessential state of the Endless Summer. Home to glittering blue sea and romantic sunset views, the list of stunning beaches in California is a perfect choice for all nature-lovers. Grab your camera, slip on your sneakers and book a trip to the fantastic “Golden State”, everlasting fun is waiting !!!

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