10 Best Late-night Haunts For Adventure Lovers

10 Best Late-night Haunts For Adventure Lovers

When the light leaves room for the night, everything seems to prepare for a long sleep before waking up and welcoming a new day. Will you do the same when visiting some amazing countries such as South Africa, Canada, Spain, etc.? Is there anything special waiting for you at night? Take a look at the list of the 10 best late-night haunts and surprise!

Get an awesome zip-lining through the snow in Whistler


Feel excited when zip-lining through the snow in Whistler

If you have a trip to British Columbia in Canada, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola should be your first must-come site since you can view unmatched scenes of soaring volcanic peaks, ancient glaciers, lush rainforest, and British Columbia’s rooftop.

However, do you know there is an exciting experience that only adventure lovers are interested? That is super-fly- zip-line. Spend over $149 and then you will receive thrilling feelings of flying through the air with the impressive beauty of the Whistler Valley and Cougar Mountain. Or the price of $199 will give you nighttime zips with dinner that just takes place between mid-October to mid-April.

Sightsee the ancient ruins of Petra


The ancient ruins of Petra is covered with numerous candles at night

A night tour to Petra often comes off Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at about 8 pm with the price of $17. Settled in the desert of southern Jordan, the ancient Petra is described as an architectural wonder of the sandstone temples, with the ruins of an incredible former treasury, called Al Khazneh. Although these ruins also look stunning by day, it just becomes shining by night when the whole city is covered with thousands of candles.

Track the wildlife in South Africa

south-africa-1501577493Chase the Big Five in South Africa

Instead of tracking the wildlife in the daytime, why don’t you try a unique journey to Kruger National Park in South Africa at night? With the price of $20 for only 20 spots on a vehicle, you will get a great chance to see the Big Five including elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions, and leopards. Since there is no guarantee between you and the animals, it’s easy to see everything.

Immerse yourself in natural and cultural curiosities in Granada


Start at the Albayzin for your discovery of Granada

Located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in southern Spain, the old city of Granada is famous for its richness of nature and culture. A night adventure tour often starts at 8.30 pm in summer, 6 pm in winter and lasts three hours.

For paying $27 per person, you will join a different yet exciting discovery. Let’s begin at the city’s ancient Muslim quarter of the Albayzin and the house caves of Sacromonte. Then take an arduous climb with only headlamps and try to conquer the top to take an awesome panoramic sight of the city below.

Take an Arabian adventure in Dubai


Enjoy a great belly dancing performance

In one of the 10 best late-night haunts, a night safari in Dubai will give you one-of-a-kind experiences of cultural performances and a traditional Arabic meal under the shine of numerous stars. Moreover, having camel rides, get temporary henna tattoos and enjoying excellent belly dances are included. What’s more, don’t miss relaxing at remote campsites, get some shisha for smoking, and then you will feel the true beauty of this luxurious yet mysterious country.

Dare to swim with manta rays in Hawaii


Swim with manta rays in Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii’s Kona Coast is teeming with manta rays which are popular for their 20-feet wings. To adventure lovers, swimming with these sea creatures after sunset is extremely exciting and thrilling. You will be equipped with an underwater flashlight to draw them by attracting plankton to the area. Later, admire a beautiful water ballet from these harmless rays. Pay from $99 for a boat excursion included snorkeling equipment and dry towels.

Have a kayak on Mosquito Bay


Discover the wonderful phenomenon of bio-luminescence in Mosquito Bay

On your journey through Puerto Rico, don’t forget to stop at Vieques Island and witness the wonderful phenomenon of bio-luminescence in Mosquito Bay. And the best way to have a closer look at this marvelous natural light performance is to ask for a 2-hour kayak tour on a moonless night ($45 for adults and $25 for kids).

Explore the nocturnal wonders in Costa Rica

costa-rica-1501577665Costa Rica is famous for unique wildlife at night

Nowhere can offer visitors a rich variety of wildlife at night like Costa Rica. Get a Twilight Safari Float with the price of $60 to experience the sounds of the jungle and then search for howler monkeys from tree branches. Or spend just $37 on discovering a private nature reserve of Ecocentro Danaus, where is home to sloth, birds, and frogs.

Get a night tour to America’s notorious prison


Inside one of the America’s notorious prison on Alcatraz Island

If you agree to give $37, you can set your feet to one of the America’s most well-known security prisons on Alcatraz Island. As a renowned reputation for the worst of the worst criminals as Al Capone, Robert “Birdman” Stroud, or Arthur “Doc” Barker, this prison is also famous for a favorite topic of Hollywood directors. And to get a creepy feeling to this island in the afternoon, you should make a reservation as soon as possible because only 700 are permitted for every night.

Get lost in Singapore’s Night Safari


A leopard in Singapore’s Night Safari

You can visit Night Safari anytime you want because it opens every day at 7.30 pm ($39 for adults and $25 for kids). With an open-air tram ride and a guide, you will take a tour through seven geographic zones as well as walking trails to see nearly 2,500 nocturnal animals. In addition, there are no walls or cages preventing your sight, and the lighting is designed to look like moonlight.

As adventure lovers, missing one of the 10 best late-night haunts will soon become your biggest regret, right? Try to save as much money as you can and then spend for one of these excellent night tours.

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